Has Travelhost been in court over any of this?

They just may have. Another question best answered by pasting a copied portion of Jeff Loudon’s “Travelheist Investor’s Blog” from earlier this year:

“Travelhost has been beaten in Court before…Badly
This is a follow-up to my May 3rd post as it relates to the Barton case where Travelhost was sued in 2005. The outcome disappeared, but I seem to have some new friends. An anonymous writer sent me this press release. (below)

I specifically disclaim any representation that this is in fact accurate. However, I spoke with Theodore Anderson, the managing partner of the law firm, who confirmed that a jury did make a substantial award against Travelhost in 2006. He also did not deny the sum of $588,000. He said it’s a matter of public record. He also said that they later settled the case and can’t say anymore….sounds like a typical TH arrangement to me.

“DALLAS, TX – April 12, 2006 – The Dallas County District Court for the 101st Judicial District a judgment for an award of $588,000 plus court costs in damages for fraud, fraudulent inducement, and negligent misrepresentation in favor of John E. Barton and J. Barton Associates, Inc. against Dallas based TravelHost, Inc, whose Founder and Chairman, James E. Buerger, served one term on the Dallas City Council from 1989 – 1991.

TravelHost, Inc., a 38 year old, national publishing corporation based in Dallas with over 100 markets in the United States, filed suit accusing Mr. Barton, an individual associate publisher with a long and honorable military record, and his company of breach of contract and breach of a non-compete agreement. A jury found that Mr. Barton and his company did not breach the agreement, and found in Mr. Barton’s favor on the counterclaims that he had been fraudulently induced into entering into the agreement with TravelHost,

Ted Anderson, Managing Partner with Kilgore Kilgore and lead defense counsel in the case, remarks, “With the economic utility of non-compete cases a subject of much discussion in the media recently, this case sets in motion an important precedent. David has triumphed over Goliath.””

So, it appears that Travelhost HAS been questioned about past business practices. Thanks, Jeff, for explaining this to us. Was anyone made aware of this before they bought into their local market?


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