Some more Travelhost questions to ponder…

1. Why do so many associate publishers go out of business each year?  And, why doesn’t Travelhost tell us about these people?

2.  Why does it cost so much to produce and print these magazines?  What value do we get for this extra cost?

3.  Why do we always have to sign an agreement with Travelhost that says we have to hold them harmless for every single little concession they make for us?  Do you do this with your customers?

4.  How many “Associate Publishers” are currently publishing Travelhost Magazine in the US?  How many were there last year?  The year before?  Remember, Travelhost has been in business over 40 years!

5.  Why has it taken so long to come up with a website that works?

6.  Why does Travelhost make money from printing, and not from Advertising?

7.  Why does Travelhost put it’s AP’s at a competitive disadvantage by forcing them to print pages they don’t need?

8.  Why does Travelhost blame every single AP for their failure, instead of taking accountability for their business model?  If that’s the case, why don’t they pick better AP’s after 40 years of doing this?

9.  Why do they give you 2 magazine printings when you buy in?  Why not just charge you half the price, and let you pay for the magazines when they are printed, when you’ve sold some ads?

10.  Does Travelhost charge all AP’s the same price for “publishing?”  How much do you pay?  Do you know what your competition is paying for the same type/quality/quantity?  Check it out….

11.  How many AP’s limp along making very little money, if any, for years…until they just cant take anymore, and stop publishing?  What happens to these people?  Does anyone know?


These are enough for now…I look forward to your responses.  I appreciate everyone’s positive feedback, both online and offline.  I never knew how many supporters I would have!

4 Responses to “Some more Travelhost questions to ponder…”

  1. Jeff Campbell Says:

    What is your impression of David Portener?

    • bdhickey Says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for writing in! I think David Portener is one of the smartest guys they have down there in Dallas. He has an ultra successful TH dist. out in Palm Springs, and I believe that Dave could make Travelhost into the Number One Travel Magazine…if they just let him do things the way he wants. He’s limited right now, and will never be able to spread his wings, until they just realize that he’s what they need to make it in this century. So, please, please, please, Mr. Buerger, let Dave do what he does best. Grow companies! Let him grow Travelhost, but take the albatross off his back first!

      PS…We’d all run the company differently, if we were the boss…but we’re not.

  2. Jeff Campbell Says:

    Not many AP’s left in the NE.

    • bdhickey Says:

      Jeff, you’re not kidding about this one. Why do you think it’s so hard for people to make it in the Travelhost business up here in NY? I’ve always wondered that.

      Which brings me to another point…how can I sell a regional ad to someone here, when there IS NO REGION?

      Why would they advertise? Actually, why would any national advertiser advertise in Travelhost, when the penetration is so low these days? There goes our optional AP agreements, eh?

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