The Price Term Of The Travelhost Asscociate Publisher Contract…

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all of your support. We have about 30% of the network in support of what’s going on here, that’s a great start. I’m sure more will follow. Together, we can make this a great company to work for! Until then, I’ll continue to bring you the information you need…to make the right decision.

There continues to be confusion about whether I, along with hundreds of other people signed a crappy contract with Travelhost, and then belatedly complained because through OUR OWN FAULT, things didn’t work out.

The truth is that in many cases APs own missteps may have led to their demise, but those missteps did not include signing a lousy contract in the price term. The only continuing misstep of the AP network and myself will be to let Travelhost continue to price 2 times wholesale when the contract, inconsideration of an “extra” $24,000 gives the AP’s wholesale pricing….Travelhost wrote a contract that is not to the owner’s liking so he is choosing to ignore it.

From Jeff Loudon’s December 2008 post of his “Travelheist Investor Blog” that was erased:

“Pricing for the printing is specifically referenced in my two contracts with Travelhost, Inc.:

Paragraph 1.1 of the Distributorship Agreement states:

“Distributor agrees to purchase from Publisher and to accept delivery of not less than ______ copies of each quarter of the Publication in accordance with the rate schedule attached hereto as Exhibit “AAA.”

Paragraph 6 of the Associate Publisher Agreement, an option I chose for an extra $30,000, modifies this price term to my benefit (?). It states:

“ Publication Discount: In addition to the advertising rights referenced hereinabove… AP also shall be entitled at all times to wholesale pricing for the publication, notwithstanding the provisions of Exhibit “AAA” to the Distributorship Agreement.”

We do not need to pay 2 times “retail” for to Travelhost printing. Our contract specifically promises otherwise.”

One would only assume that WHOLESALE is less than RETAIL. And, we pay 2 times RETAIL…so how is that WHOLESALE???????????????????

For all you successful associate publishers out there, feel free to pay anything you want, I don’t feel so generous to Travelhost at this point in time.

There are a few Travelhost AP’s out there who don’t mind paying extra, and that’s OK if you believe the value is there…however, paying more than necessary for anything is not good business sense. Here in NY, 2500 dollars per month, for a title, is just not worth it

We are entitled to wholesale pricing, why aren’t we getting it?

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