A Thanksgiving Travelhost “Speculative Analysis” To Consider Before Investing

Brilliant 40 yr old “churn and burn” technology at it’s best exposed…

These are some quick numbers to consider, when researching the Travelhost Magazine business model:

First, some basic assumptions:

  1.  The Travelhost network hovers around 100 AP’s on average.  (now? Not so sure.)
  2. The Travelhost network loses about 33 AP’s per year on average. (33% ? if not, prove me wrong)
  3. The Travelhost network gains about 33 AP’s per year on average. (33% ? with slick sales pitch)

*Each New Investor (AP agreement & AP distributorship) = $60,000  (includes two magazine printings)

So as a rough estimate,  Travelhost grosses almost 2 million dollars per year, or ($1,980,000) signing new AP agreements??  That does not include the other two issues they most likely print, before they go broke, using a one year average.

Add in the extra two magazines, for a total of 4 quarterly printings per year,  and your average (new AP) is worth about $90,000 during the first year, if they make it a full year.


Assume that Travelhost signs up 3 new AP’s per month, for a total of around 36 per year.  They are grossing over 2 million dollars per year on the “churn and burn” technique.  Year after year, after year!

Add in the other 66 AP’s at 60k per year in printing (another $3, 960, 000…almost 4 million dollars) and you have yourself a 6 MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR BUSINESS?!

Of course, out of the 6 million dollars earned, one third of it is from TURN OVER.

This is a very important thing to consider, when looking at the Travelhost business opportunity!

Now, here’s what we hope to accomplish with our efforts here at The Publisher’s Advocate:

If we can just help one person realize that Travelhost Magazine’s “Business Opportunity” is likely an unprofitable one for the INVESTOR, and profitable only for TRAVELHOST, than we can help save investors: time, energy, well being, opportunity costs, jobs, family, and  A LOT OF MONEY!

This is why The Publisher’s Advocate Blog is so important.  It saves investors money.

I can’t save my time and money at this point, or the MILLIONS lost by countless others over the course of the last 40 years, but I can save other people from making the same mistake I made.

I realize your time is as valuable as mine, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this posting.  Good luck in finding the right investment, there are a ton of good business opportunities out there.

Respectfully Yours,

Brian D. Hickey


PS.  I want to thank everyone for thier patience and understanding while we deal with this matter at hand.  Even though it is my opinion that Travelhost puts it’s associates at a COMPETITIVE DISADVANTAGE, some of you have gone out and made a good living for yourselves and your family.  Even though Travelhost put me out of business, I remain confident that I’ll bounce back, and make it happen out there.  And, I wish the rest of the AP network all the best, as you embark on 2010.

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  1. Jeff Campbell Says:

    are you no longer publishing then?

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