Attention Blog Followers And Potential Investors:

Please bear with us, as we have had a “glitch” in the GoogleAdwords system. For some reason, we have been unable to drive traffic to this site via our adwords campaign. Google is working hard on this, to come to a conclusion, and so am I.

We’ve had such a high volume of views and clicks, perhaps we’ve overloaded the system! Thank you for your emails and phone calls, bringing this to my attention. Also, I have gotten quite a few emails and calls with questions, and people looking for clarification on a few things. So, I’ll post them here, and perhaps send a blast out to the network if there continues to be problems with this site.


1. Yes, a 1989 FTC advisory opinion concluded that Travelhost met the three requirements for a franchise.  Meaning, they should be disclosing: The extremely high failure rates, The past litigation (FRAUD and settlements?), and names and numbers for present and past investors.  (ut ohhh)

2.  Yes, it appears that most AP’s in the network at Travelhost pay more than DOUBLE commercial prices for “publishing.” (printing and production)  Thats right, DOUBLE.

3.  Yes, it appears that Travelhost makes upwards of 2 MILLION DOLLARS per year on Turnover of AP’s!

4.  Yes, I’m sorry to say, your likelihood of success as a new AP to the network is about 5-10%.  Meaning, you’re very likely to FAIL.  Which is strange, because you pay a fee to belong to this exclusive network that’s been around for 40 years.  You’d think you would have a HIGHER than average success rate, no>?

5.  Yes, Travelhost makes its money from printing, but claims to have no interest in being a “commercial printer.”  Every other publishing company I know of, makes its money from ADVERTISING, not PRINTING.  So, that being said, Travelhost must be a PRINTER.  Not the PUBLISHER of Travelhost?  After all, the AP is the one gathering edit and ads, and laying out the magazine.  All Travelhost does is design what we put together, and print it.

6.  Finally, Yes, Travelhost has been down this road before, many times.  However, welcome to the age of information.  Perhaps now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to expose the FRAUD.  Perhaps we can help just one potential investor to be informed, before they are RIPPED OFF, and join the ranks of thousands of others who’s lives have been ruined by this “great publishing empire.”

6.5  One more thing, strange question asked by one reader, but YES…Mr. James Buerger IS a very big fan of Napolean Hill.  One would think that a follower of such a great man, with such great principles, would be much more honorable, no?  One would think that he’d “put the wood in the oven, before he expected heat.”  Meaning, Jim Buerger’s Travelhost Business model goes against all of the principles Napolean Hill presents in his book, Think and Grow Rich! Perhaps JB has some sick and twisted version on his shelf?

Once again, thanks to all those who have been following, and thanks to the people who have been contacting me over the last month or so.  All of your support is much appreciated.

Oh, and one more thing, just to let you all know, I have received a few inquiries from people considering joining the Travelhost network…so perhaps we are making progress.  Thankfully they have the information they deserve BEFORE jumping into the water blindly.

Thats all for now, folks!

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