Back In The Saddle: Helping Potential Publishers With Their Due Diligence On TRAVELHOST

Hello Everyone, and thanks for all of your help and ideas, it really helped us get back on track!

The Publisher’s Advocate received another email today from the blog…what a fantastic way to find out that we now have new traffic back to the blog! It really makes me feel like I’m helping, and that I’m not just spinning my wheels here.

I have been making progress here at The Publisher’s Advocate, and have been in touch with so many people that have agreed to help us bring our information to new investors. However, we can always use more help! If you’re interested in helping, please email me at

Without further ado, today’s post will just be answers to a few questions I got via email recently. Then, maybe tomorrow we’ll dive into a more serious scenario.

Q: Is Travelhost a printer or the publisher of our magazines?

A: Well, if you consider the fact that the “associate publisher” sells the ads, collects and writes content, lays out the magazine, and submits it to Travelhost for production and printing…TRAVELHOST is the PRINTER. Since most of their money is made from PRINTING, and not ADVERTISING…and ALL OF OUR MONEY IS MADE FROM ADVERTISING, I’d consider the “associate publishers” the actual publishers of their local editions.


Q: Has Travelhost provided proof that any of the things discussed in this blog are false?

A: No, not to this date. Such proof doesn’t exist, in my opinion.

Q: Has Travelhost made any efforts to stop me from continuing my blog?

A: No, not to this date. This information is vital to new investors, and is taken directly from my experiences as an Associate Publisher at Travelhost, and my experience on their Advisory Board. And, it’s my constitutional right to express these concerns.

Q: Am I still publishing Travelhost in Westchester, New York?

A: I just distributed my last issue of Travelhost for the Winter of 2010. Travelhost Magazine has forced me out of business, by putting me at a competitive disadvantage in my marketplace. Paying twice what other publishers in my market are paying for printing and production have left me with no other choice than to cancel my agreement with Travelhost. Paying 16K for a 7K print job just doesn’t work  ANY economy!

Q: Did Travelhost offer me any deals on printing?

A: Yes, and no. Travelhost seems to offer “one-off deals” to people who can no longer afford to pay the obnoxiously high publishing prices. (meaning, you don’t get a deal unless you ASK.)  However, they will only discount your printing until you can afford to pay the full 200% again. They will “help” you with your business, in order to “help” you continue to pay double. This means planning and sales help. Not overhead help, which is what we all need. My sales were still OK, it was my PRINTING that was outrageous, and drove me out of business. Since I was overpaying by about 8k per quarter, I’d still be in business had I started my own magazine. Since I NEVER want to pay double what I should be paying, no deal here…


Travelhost may offer to discount your printing until you are able to scam some other poor SUCKER into buying your business. This is just a continuation of the fraud, and they make you the front man for the scam…all while signing away your rights to ever tell anyone what you’re doing! Since I’m not ready to commit FRAUD, no deal here either!

Q: Do I think that everyone who works at Travelhost knows they commit fraud just about every day of the week?

A: Yes, I think most employees have a clue. And, since they all let it go on every day, and don’t do anything about it, they are just as guilty as the great master himself. If they only knew that they could be held liable for it one day, perhaps they’d change thier minds?

Q: Last, but not least, where IS Jeff Loudon?

A: Jeff Loudon is not missing, lol, and he’s just fine. I only used that line to make a point. (remember, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?) Anyway, Jeff Loudon is “looking forward to a long and happy career with Travelhost Magazine.” What does this mean? Well, my translation is “I’ve been paid off by Travelhost Magazine to keep my mouth shut, and erase my blog.” For a guy who was just dying to raise hell over the same issues I’m raising now, especially our printing prices, he seems quite happy to be PAYING THEM NOW? I think not, my friends. Perhaps someone should call Travelhost Headquarters (1-800-527-1782) and ASK them what they gave Jeff Loudon to shut up? I, personally, think they gave him some hush money and a sweet deal to keep his mouth closed. Nah, nothing wrong going on here, eh? (For the rest of you AP’s, just shut up and pay the full boat, and don’t ask about Jeff Loudon, OK?)

Get my drift?

That’s all for now, folks. Tomorrow is another day. If you’re new to this blog, please be sure to read the posts below, as they contain valuable information that you will need to decide whether Travelhost is the “right” decision for your new publishing business.

And again, TRAVELHOST, if you have proof that anything contained in this blog is FALSE, please let us know and I’ll change it. I do not want to mis-represent this “opportunity” in any way.

P.S.> If you are a past or present AP, and have any information you’d like to share with us, please email me at We could use your stories on our new website, which is under construction. Thank you.

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