Travelhost’s inside back cover ad, a second look…

Here’s a snapshot of the inside back cover of every Travelhost Magazine out there.

Has anyone actually taken the time to read this ad?

"Take Control Of Your Future"

Travelhost has the same 40yr old success strategy...

It appears that what Travelhost Magazine is “selling” is the “freedom” of entrepreneurship.


It seems, after talking to many Associate Publishers, both present and past, that what you get from Travelhost is more along the lines of a JAIL SENTENCE!

There’s nothing FREE about this opportunity.  At all!

And, they’re marketing themselves to “single mothers?”

With a 90% chance of failing, Travelhost markets their “business opporunity” to single mothers?

Travelhost ought to be ashamed of themselves!

5 Responses to “Travelhost’s inside back cover ad, a second look…”

  1. Ina Lee Says:

    Brian, I have emailed you to please stop this very negative and damaging blog to the Travelhost network. I have not traditionally responded to any blogs because I spend my time working to make my Travelhost edition the best it can be to serve our readers and our community. However, I am one of those single mothers you speak about. I had a 4 year old and 7 year old who I became the sole support for when my ex-husband left. Thank God for Travelhost. That was 30 years ago, when I entered the Travelhost family. Since then, I have grown the Greater Fort Lauderdale edition to one of the best in the country. My sales exceed $1.5 million dollars!!. I have not only supported myself but my sons had fine educations and are now in their 30s, one a doctor and one a financial advisor. I have been honored by the Fort Lauderdale community numerous times for my contribution. Last year, I was honored to have received small business person of the year and small business of the year from our chamber. Your blog is insulting and damaging to those of us who get up every day, especially in these economic times, and work hard to have a successful business. You had the opportunity. You did not make it work for whatever the reasons. Please move on with your life.

    • bdhickey Says:

      Ina, you’re the only one. The one exception.

      The only one in America that is as successful as you are. You’ve done a fantastic job, with the tools you’ve been given…and I commend you for it.

      But what about the hundreds of people who have been hurt (ripped off) by Travelhost?

      I haven’t gotten one ounce of proof from ANYONE, that what is discussed on my blog, and on my website, is FALSE.

      Are you suggesting I lie to people?

  2. Kathleen Mink Says:


    In the Spirit of the Season, I have tempered my comments to you, however, I felt compeled to respond to your blog. With regard to the single Mothers, heads of household, there have been several in the Network which have become a success in their own part in addition to Ina, Florence Hunt, Kelly in Pittsburg, myself, and I am sure more. Female Head of Household means more than Mothers, what about single females out of college? Or on their own? What makes a single female different than a single male capturing this amazing opportunity? If you are not aware, I have been in the Network for almost 22 years and have found it VERY rewarding. The common denominator in all of us is the drive to succeed and push negativity aside to reach our individual goals no matter what our status in life is. Conversely, Brian, I find it perplexing that you would slander all of us in the Network that have made the decision to create a single Edition of Travelhost in our markets. To go further and negate the Founder and staff who work tiresly to bring all of our Editions together to create the “magazine” shows that you have blinders on and are only looking in one negative direction instead of the positives they bring us daily. It makes me wonder what your agenda is? It must have been a terrible blow to your ego to feel you have to sterotype us all.

    To all of the markets and staff at Travelhost, Inc., I wish you a very Happy New Year! As our editions are now global in impact, we have much to be proud of as we move into 2010.-Kathleen

    • bdhickey Says:


      Thanks for responding, and with such good feedback! Well at least you have some spirit for the season, which is more you can say for Jim Buerger and Travelhost Inc. Firing a dozen employees a week before Christmas must be pretty low on the “spirit scale,” especially for someone who calls himself a Christian.

      It’s evident that you haven’t even read my blog, or you’d have noticed several things:

      1. I openly acknowledge the fact that there are 10 or 15 successful people in this network (totaling maybe 70 at this point?), despite the adversity Travelhost tosses our way. Keep in mind; another 2 or 3 will go broke by next month…
      2. I have not “slandered” any associate publishers in this network; I actually give them the kudos they deserve for dealing with all of this. If there’s a place in my blog where I’ve “stereotyped” anyone, please send it over and I’ll gladly delete it, as my intentions are not to hurt any of the AP’s out here.
      3. Jim Buerger and Travelhost Inc. make so much money from AP turnover, that he apparently had to “lay people off” because of the lack of cash-flow from turnover lately, from what I understand.
      4. The only thing Travelhost works “tirelessly” at is finding new AP’s to replace the ones that go broke every month, Kathleen. Are you not aware of this, after 22 years? Travelhost Magazine is the same, dated, old-looking magazine as is always has been…while our competition actually spends time and effort on the PRODUCT.
      5. Kathleen, why do YOU think that 90% of the new AP’s fail with Travelhost? How many are around from when YOU started? Are all these people that failed “losers?” Is that the stereotype you give these entrepreneurs?
      6. Kathleen, how come Travelhost, or ANYONE ELSE for that matter, has been unable to send me proof that anything I have discussed on my blog is FALSE?

      Questions maybe you can answer, as a long-time AP in our network:

      1. Why does the apparent truth hurt Travelhost so much?
      2. Why do you bury your head in the sand, and ignore these issues?
      3. Why doesn’t Travelhost disclose the truth to new investors?
      4. Why do you consider only several out of hundreds, if not thousands, a success?
      5. Why do you enjoy paying double for printing, even if you’re making a ton of money? (Would you pay 50k for a Honda accord at the Travelhost dealer, when everyone else pays 25k at the one down the street?)
      6. Why is it OK for YOU and INA to pay 5% royalties to Travelhost, while the rest of the network pays 30% and up? (I’ll talk more about that in a future post.)

      Money, I suspect.

  3. former franchisee Says:

    I know these posts were over a year ago, but I have to comment on something. Kathleen Mink (former Tampa A.P.) makes reference to four individuals she cites as examples of single mothers/female heads of households who are successful with Travelhost; Ina, Florence Hunt, Kelly in Pittsburgh, and Kathleen herself. Well, everyone of them are now gone, with the exception of Ina.

    Ina, as you pointed out, is the exception. She deserves to be commended for her hard work and success over the last 30 years. However, Florence has been gone for well over a year, Kelly in Pittsburgh has been gone for several years, and Ms. Kathleen Mink herself terminated last year. Word is she got so far in debt to Travelhost she couldn’t keep afloat and terminated… owing Travelhost thousands of dollars!

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