Some Travelhost New Year Resolutions For 2010?

Happy New Year Everyone, and welcome to 2010!

I hope that everyone had a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.  I did, and I’m very thankful to have survived it all.  I’m also very optimistic about 2010, and have spent the majority of the holidays preparing for the new year.

That being said, I’ve prepared a relatively simple wish-list for Travelhost, for 2010. 

If Travelhost really cares about it’s Associate Publisher Network, which you would think they should, especially since THEIR business depends on OURS…then they’d be happy to see that these changes are very simple, yet profound.

Taken from basic business practices, and from hours of discussions with my associates in the Travelhost network, whose names remain anonymous due to fear of retaliation from Travelhost, these ideas could catapult Travelhost into the information age (and tremendous profitablity!)

If Travelhost ignores these imortant changes, they are sure to suffer from their old system yet another year.  And, sadly, I believe Travelhost will ignore this opportunity to change for a few reasons:

1.  Travelhost has been operating the same way for over 42 years, and change is seemingly difficult.  Even if its the right thing to do, Jim Buerger won’t allow it.

2.  Travelhost has made way too much money by over-leveraging it’s Associate Publishers over the years.  Millions of dollars per year.  And, quite frankly, these new ideas leverage solid business principles, (instead of AP’s) that will in turn make money from ADVERTISING, not PRINTING.  Travelhost has to change from this printing mindset to an ad-sales mindset.  And that will be tough for them, but I know they could do it!

3.  Fear of retaliation from Travelhost Inc.  Travelhost has developed a network of smart, energetic, and capable associates that have been…for lack of better terms…beaten into submission by corporate bullying and strong-arming.  Most people in our AP network don’t speak up, because they are fearful of what Travelhost might do to them.

Our network needs to realize that:

A.  Travelhost is their BUSINESS PARTNER, (not a Nazi dictatorship?) and

B.  The AP’s money has funded this business for the last 42 years!

The people who bring home the bacon ought to have a say in what goes on in the Travelhost Network, no?

I’m afraid, because of these three main issues, 2010 will bring the status quo…and yet another year where Travelhost fails to grow the business.

It’s my belief, that with the five changes below, Travelhost can become a thriving business in a short amount of time.  A business that makes its money from paid advertising.  Advertisers will flock to Travelhost magazine, when it can be found in 300 markets, with penetration in every corner of our country!  And, associate publishers (and Travelhost) will all be profitable.  A win-win for everyone!

Without furthur ado, if I ever had the chairman’s ear for just a few minutes….here would be my proposed New Year resolutions (wish list) for Travelhost for 2010:

1.  TH immediately starts charging fair “actual wholesale” printing prices to
everyone in the AP network.  TH would charge what every other
printing/production house would charge.  (About HALF of what they’re
charging now.)  TH will then collect royalties as a percentage of gross
sales.  If TH has to trash the old printing presses they have right now, and sub it out…so be it!  It may be more profitable for all 0f us that way.

2.  TH allows AP’s to be flexible with: frequency, page count,
pressrun, quality and product.  TH should allow the AP to improve the
product, according to their local market’s demand.  Each market is different,
and a “one size fits all” concept just doesn’t work.  (NY and VT are
two different states, with two very different needs.)

3.  TH allows the AB to have voting rights for executive decisions.
TH needs to utilize resources better, by leveraging our people.  TH has a network
of very smart entrepreneurs, and needs a valuable liason between TH HQ
and the AP network.  (an AB with an actual say in the business, not what
we have now.)

4.  TH stops misrepresenting itself, and starts disclosing the facts to
prospective franchisees.  With some fine-tuning, this business will
thrive even better than it did before (300+AP’s?).  In 18 months, TH
starts following franchise-like obligations, like disclosure of the new success rate.

5.  TH finishes the website and does not charge the AP network for use
of the site at all.  Furthermore, the site belongs to the network.  Our money
funded it, our information (and labor) populates it’s fields, and our business
depends on it’s success.

There you have it folks.  Could this be the beginning of a new era for Travelhost?

I’m not so sure, but one could only hope.

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