Travelhost Responds To The Ripoff Report…

Travelhost finally responded to my posting on, with more lies and misleading words. They seem to be on free-flow down there in Dallas, as lies are just about all they’re good at. In an effort to show that I’m completely transparent here, i’m providing a link to Travelhost’s rebuttal to my post, even though they seemingly “rip me a new one.” Take a look:

They seem to think that since I didn’t buy my franchise directly from them, all the fraud doesn’t count! And, they want people to think that I am trying to “extort” money from them, just because I’m exposing their fraud.  (Seems as if telling people about my bad experiences, and the bad experiences of many others bothers them.  Isn’t that too bad.)

I stated my “goal” on my blog and on my site from day one, and I’m going to repeat it one more time:

I’m here to expose Travelhost for who they are, in order to help people make the right decision.

Those who choose to believe me, can…and those who don’t, that’s fine too.

Yes, I’m upset that I was scammed, mislead, and my business was destroyed.  Of course I’m upset.  I am entitled to be upset, and I’m entitled to tell people about it.  Period.

Their rebuttal on the Ripoff Report was all about ME and MY motives. That’s fine, I can handle the false allegations.

But how about the truth, Travelhost?

Why does the truth hurt so badly?

Why don’t you just tell everyone how great Travelhost is, instead of attacking me?


Because there’s nothing good to say, is there?  It’s easier to blame Brian Hickey for griping about his bad experiences, than to MAKE THE BUSINESS MODEL WORK RIGHT.

I failed to see one fact about Travelhost in that rebuttal that convinces me it’s a good business opportunity.

I do, however, have a never ending supply of information proving otherwise…

Next week, we’ll explore some “Travelhost Love,” and expose some info from a former employee…interesting stuff!

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