A Brief Survey For Current And Past Travelhost Associate Publishers…

Hello everyone, thank you for your continued support!

We’ve had such a great number of followers at The Publishers Advocate Blog, and we were hoping to gain some insight as to how some of you feel about certain things I’ve been blogging about.  Your opinions and input is valuable, and I’m hoping you’ll consider participating.

I know most of you are hesitant about engaging in the conversation on this blog, from fear of retaliation from Travelhost. Here’s an opportunity to respond anonymously to a set of questions, that would help me in understanding our readers better.

The Publisher’s Advocate is here for everyone, and will continue to be here until the situation is solved. By answering the questions below, I will know if I’m on track with my priorities or not. Please take just a few moments to click on the answers that represent the way you feel.

There are ten basic questions to get us started. If we have good results, I’ll propose another set of more specific questions in a few days. Please know that I will not know who you are if you answer the questions, I’ll only know the results, which I will post with the next posting.

As always, thank you for your time…

If you’re a prospective Associate Publisher, please just answer the questions that make sense to you.

By ethical, I mean do you perceive Travelhost to be operating by most business standards.  AKA they tell you what you believe to be the truth, they treat all people the same, they treat all people fairly, and they follow the laws of the state in which you operate your business, as well as federal laws.

Meaning, did they inform you that more than 90% of people who have become an AP have failed?

Meaning, did Travelhost make it sound like most AP’s are easily making six-figures per year?

Meaning, did Travelhost inform you that their publishing prices were higher than any independent places you could produce and print? With or without the absence of value.

Meaning, do you feel that paying double (about 30k for most AP’s) is worth the marketing and support that Travelhost does on a yearly basis. Keep in mind, Travelhost collects more than a million dollars per year on average in money “earmarked” for marketing!

Meaning, do you feel that the extra money paid to Travelhost is in lieu of paying royalties, like most franchises charge?

Meaning, did you buy into Travelhost because you believed they had a successful business model? And you’re intent was to follow this model, and be successful “like all the other Travelhost AP’s?”

Meaning, did Travelhost tell you they offer a class called TIPS (typical industry practices) or offer to supply you with a market-prescribed plan for success in your specific market? (Roadmap to success?)

Meaning, did you ever have a problem paying the publishing prices, and call Travelhost HQ to ask for any type of help? Whether it be a discount on pricing, payment terms, or some type of concession.

Thank you very much for participating in the survey.  I appreciate the time each and everyone spends reading the blog, and supporting what The Publisher’s Advocate is trying to accomplish-positive change at Travelhost Magazine.

Change so that people aren’t taken advantage of, and people are told what they’re getting into when they invest in a Travelhost franchise!


One last question, if you will…

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