The Two Year Club?

The 2-Year Club?

As you can imagine, I get a lot of questions here at The Publisher’s Advocate Blog.  Most of them have to do with the Travelhost business model, and “what’s going on with Travelhost” in the future.

Well, I can’t predict the future for Travelhost, but I will speculate on a few different things:

1. In my opinion, Travelhost can not sustain its business with Buerger’s business model.  He’s been BUSTED on his 40-year scam, and the gravy train is now over!  He will have to correct his model to survive.
2. It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist to see the problems with Buerger’s business model.  Just about everyone that gets “burned in the system” knows the deal.  Buerger’s model, minus the problems, would be a good place to start.
3. It wouldn’t be very hard for a group of publishing entrepreneurs to fix the problems with the TH business model, and compete directly with TH and win.

It’s my opinion that Buerger will never change his business model, regardless of how much pain it causes his AP network, or himself. He’d rather put his associates out of business, or fail in his own business, at the expense of his own ego. 

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

It’s a shame.

There is a good side to this, however.  The idea of an in-room guide for hotels is a good one, providing it equates to a mutually beneficial situation for everyone involved

And, there are many entrepreneurs willing to engage in this type of situation, many of who were previously “sold” on Travelhost…as if it were mutually beneficial to begin with.

This brings me to my next thought.

There are quite a few AP’s who have been “churned and burned” by the system, that are coming up on their second anniversary of “churning and being burned.”

In other words, they are at or beyond the 2 year covenant not to compete. 

If these people were entered into a corrected system upon the expiration of their non-compete agreements, their previous fruitless efforts (now absent the infamous Buerger “monkey” on their back) could prove to be profitable now!

Call it, a “born-again” publishing experience, if you will.

So the goal of my post today, is to put “feelers” out there, to see how many of my readers are reaching this stage of the game…and if you may be interested in engaging in conversation about a new (national) in-room magazine.

I’m talking about a magazine that will compete with Travelhost directly in hotel rooms throughout the country, only better…because it would be a mutually beneficial business proposition.

All those “terrible” things I’ve discussed here about Travelhost, might just be totally absent in this new business model. Furthermore, we could have a “turn of the millennium version” of Travelhost, rather than Mr. Buerger’s retro 70’s version. (of course, with a new name)

Think about: local covers, control over layout, and flexible paper quality/pressrun/frequency that fit each AP’s market.

If you want 160# aqueous on the cover, so be it…and without a 400% mark-up?

Think about real “wholesale” printing costs…without the Buerger 200% mark-up?

Who knows, we might even go out and buy a website for the network for $30K, and not charge the “partner publishers” for content they work so hard to generate! 

The very content that will serve the traveler…

Wouldn’t it be nice to make a decent living and have a “long and rewarding relationship” like Jeff Loudon has?

I don’t have all the specifics just yet, and I know this post will spark a plethora of new questions…but that’s good.  I believe that I could assemble a team that would be able to create a plan that works for everyone, without a lot of start-up costs to the partners…if any.

If you have a genuine interest in something like this, please click the link below, and let me know.  I will not share your name with anyone, like I said…I’m just checking the temperature at this time.

There’s only two things that I’d like to mention up front:

1. I am not looking to violate my own non-compete in the Westchester & Hudson Valley New York market, and
2. I’m not looking to recruit existing AP’s from the Travelhost network or otherwise advise you to breach any agreements you have with Travelhost.

I’m interested in the possibility of creating a nation-wide network of entrepreneurs that want to run their own magazine within a network that contains NONE of the limitations and burdens of the Travelhost network.

And ONLY with partners that are able to join us, that are not bound by Travelhost in any way.

Are you about to have been out of Travelhost for 2 years?

If so, perhaps we should talk.

Click Here if you’re interested. 

I’ll be in touch.

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