A One-Question Survey For Everyone On The “Travelhost Opportunity…”

Last week, Mr. Eli Mertens (associate publisher of Lexington, Kentucky, and member of the Travelhost Advisory Board) told us that he:

“…doesn’t care what the Travelhost failure rate is…”

After engaging in a bit of discussion, it appears as if Eli either finally figured it out…or has given up, since there’s been no response.


Weird, isn’t it?

You’d think it would be PRIORITY NUMBER ONE, no?

So heres the question of the day…for everyone. Associate publishers, non-associates, and everyone even “thinking” about the Travelhost opportunity:

I’m curious…is Eli’s response the “official” Travelhost response?

Since it’s quite apparent that Buerger put Eli up to the task of blogging on THE PUBLISHER’S ADVOCATE, I would say his words are coming right from BUERGER himself…so it MUST be the official response.

Also, Travelhost has done NOTHING to help this abnormally HIGH FAILURE RATE. And, has gone out of their way to HIDE it from the general public!

So, I’ll ask yet another time…

Travelhost…what IS your SUCCESS RATE  for new AP’s joining your network?

And…why do you continue to sell FRANCHISES to people when the FAILURE rate is so HIGH?

Furthermore, why do you go out of your way to hide this information?

We know the answers, they’re all on this blog…however, it would be nice to hear them from you!

And, as always, if I’m wrong…PROVE IT!

Mr. Buerger, a bad business deal is not always better than NO business deal…


6 Responses to “A One-Question Survey For Everyone On The “Travelhost Opportunity…””

  1. Janis Chamoun Says:

    I have set up a new LinkedIn group for “former Travelhost Associate Publishers.” Just trying to see how many of us there are out here. And, it’s one more place prospective suckers might stumble upon before giving Slimy Buerger any money.

  2. J.J. Says:

    Brian, and to those reading this blog,

    The notion that a company any size anywhere doesn’t care about the failure rate of it’s strategies is more than egregious. But, when a company has a “strategy” whereby repeated failures, by publishers in this case, are actual opportunities for a company like Travelhost, the failure rate is actually a success for Travelhost. Because every market that fails can be sold over and over again, Travelhost wins while many, many innocent, kind, hopeful, etc. people lose. It is awful.

    As I mentioned last week, Mertens, in his attempt to snuggle up to Buerger, swatted a big, mean and never-give-up wasp nest. That is why he has now disappeared. Same thing happened with that knucklehead, Portener.

    If, in fact, Travelhost has sold only one market in 2010 and dozens of other markets have shut down then it’s only a matter of time before the “strategy” or house of cards as it were, comes tumbling down. To know that so many wonderful people have been severly damaged in so many ways because of Travelhost is disturbing and sad.

    Buerger, before your days on earth are done, come clean and live with a clear conscience by, at a minimum, changing your “strategy” to help publishers succeed, not fail. And, by, at a maximum, putting other’s success before your own. You’ll find the greatest reward life offers if you do.

    If you don’t, you’ll continue to be the poster boy for all things bad.


  3. a past AP, and happy now! Says:

    Happy New Year, Brian!

    Just to add another tale of misfortune, I recently met a previous AP who stopped publishing three years ago. This unfortunate soul is indicative of what other publishers have endured and future publishers could endure. This former AP had to consolidate his debts associated with trying to keep his market going and still (!!!) has two more years to pay off that debt.

    To any potential publishers looking at partnering with Travelhost consider yourself warned. Travelhost is no partner and they will smile as you crumble. You’d be better off launching a magazine on your own!

    Good wishes for a healthy and happy New Year,

    a former AP who escaped just in time

  4. bdhickey Says:

    Dear Fellow Past AP,

    Happy new year to you too! And thank you for your continued support in this endeavor to help others with their Travelhost due diligence process. Your continued comments and support are what keeps this blog alive and well, and your willingness to speak is very helpful.

    Together, we’ve helped many people…and continue to do so.

    So many people who finally leave Travelhost are so broke they can’t even gather themselves the courage to speak out. This is one of the reasons why Travelhost has gotten away with this scam for over four decades.

    Happy, healthy and profitable new year to you and your family.



  5. Janis Says:

    Happy New Year to Brian and everyone reading this! In reading through the posts, I thought it would be a good time to warn those who are still publishing, limping along, listening to Dallas tell you “Just hang in there for one more issue. . .Someone from Dallas will approach you with a “generous” offer to print your issue for you, allowing you to just owe them the money. DO NOT drink from this well!!!! They are simply setting you up to later sign a legal release to keep you from taking any legal action against them. That, my friends, is how they have avoided so much litigation over the years. Very few of us former APs exist, who have NOT signed this agreement. I avoided signing their “hold harmless” agreement because I controlled something else they desperately wanted–the original AP Yahoo group. They forgave my last printing bill in exchange for me shutting down the Yahoo group. Oh they tried to slip it in—thinking I must be so dense to sign it without reading it–but I flat out refused to sign it–before I turned off the Yahoo group. I also archived all the comments, should it ever be needed in court. So, those of you still hanging on to the hope that you just need more time to turn your magazine profitable, good luck to you. But DO NOT sign anything from Dallas. Anything they do is for the slimy Buerger, not for your benefit.

    • bdhickey Says:

      You’re absolutely right, Janis. It’s happening as we speak! Markets are going dim, and Kirk Smith is pleading for people to come down to Dallas to “talk about it.” You know why? The Travelhost operation is so slick, they know they have a much better chance in getting you to agree to a “plan” and sign the release if you’re there IN PERSON.

      It’s a sad state of affairs, but I’m glad to see you’re willing to share this vital information for current associate publishers of Travelhost. This blog was designed to help potential investors with their due diligence, but is also a great source of information for current AP’s as well. You wouldn’t believe how many current AP’s have contacted me recently to find out what their options are, and what Travelhost has been doing to help people …well the general answer is NOT ENOUGH>period.

      Like you said, Janis, run the other way!

      Thanks for writing in, and be well.



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