Travelhost Is At It Again…The Scam Continues??

It’s been some time since the last post, but there’s been plenty going on behind the scenes. Apparently Travelhost’s SEO company, who must have been hired to bury this blog on a google search, is getting bored now that they’ve successfully knocked THE PUBLISHER’S ADVOCATE off of the first and now second pages of Google.


You’ve just successfully enabled Jim Buerger and Travelhost to scam some more investors by intentionally hiding the due diligence available to the public.

I wonder if that makes you liable too?

I mean, aiding and abetting a company that’s known to swindle people cant be a good thing, especially when the FTC is investigating.

I suppose some people will do anything for a buck.

Maybe when this is all over, they’ll all become “Travel-Hostesses” and start their own “Travel-Hostess” business?

Anyway, I digress from the purpose of my post today. A quick google search last night reveals an ADVERTISEMENT placed on on August 10, 2010 for Travelhost. It seems as if Travelhost is at it again…the advertisement is replete with what I believe to be bogus info. Let’s take a look:

TRAVELHOST Business Opportunity

Wow…I’m not even sure where to start here…anyone want to give me a hand?

Here’s a chance to be part of an interactive post at THE PUBLISHER’S ADVOCATE:

Click on the link to the right side of this blog, and let me know what you think. I’ll put together the responses, and finish this post in another week.

I hope that everyone is having a happy, successful Summer so far!

That’s all for now.



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