A Few Questions For The Past and Current Travelhost Associate Publishers That Follow This Blog…

These questions were initiated by a comment left yesterday on the previous post…which made me think of a few good questions for someone to ask when doing their due diligence on the “Travelhost opportunity.”

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I’m not posting them in survey format, in hopes that a few of you will click the link to the right (the Uncle Sam Gravatar) and send me an email with your answers or comments. Or click the link below:

Email THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE: BrianDavidHickey@aol.com

1. How many Travelhost Associate publishers were successful in selling their (pre-paid) national ad space for somewhere around rate card value?

Most people end up practically giving it away, or using it to promote their own market. And, now with as few as 50 (maybe less?) markets left, how much do you feel that ad space is really worth?

2. How many Travelhost Associate Publishers were successful in “transitioning” their market, as proposed by Travelhost Headquarters, this year?

When most associates finally realize they can’t get their head above water with the current Travelhost business model, they call headquarters to beg for a price break…or anything that takes the pressure of the 1000 ton printing bill they get every quarter. After being told how weak/unmotivated they are, and how its all the AP’s fault, Travelhost will agree to help you “sell” your market to some (new) poor unsuspecting sole. Really, it’s more like a gracious way to let you go up in smoke, while attempting to cover their ass by “helping you.”

Has anyone out there been successful in selling their (dying) market?

3. How many Travelhost Associate Publishers lost their market in 2010?

The third-annual VIRTUAL MEMORIAL will be put together in the next couple of months, so we need an accurate count.

Also, if you have heard of any new deals that Travelhost is offering failing markets, please let us know about that. And, as always, please remember…be careful of the agreement Travelhost will want you to sign! It takes away your rights to go after Travelhost on judgement day…which is getting near.

Also, if you know of any new markets that just bought in, please send them forward as well.

To be fair, we’ll include those people.


Where are the associate publishers that defended Travelhost over the last year?

Does anyone know what happened to David Portener?

David Portener said he’d continue to be an integral part of Travelhost marketing and leadership. What happened Dave, is your conscience getting to you? Were you told to lay-low by your attorney? What about your commitment to the associate publishers of Travelhost, to grow the company to the best it can be?

How about Eli Mertens?

He graciously defended Jim Buerger’s business model on this blog, and then disappeared like the wind? Surely there are successes for 2010 in the Travelhost network that you’d like to point out, no?

And finally, what happened to Linda Giannosa from Denver, Colorado?

She defended Buerger as her market was dying, convinced that it was all her own fault…then she was offered some kind of special deal. That was back in 2009, which is the date on the magazine issue still published on the Travelhost website.

Did Linda’s market bite the dust, and does she still think it’s her fault?

If so, perhaps the wizard behind the curtain (Buerger) really does know what he’s doing…BRAINWASHING PEOPLE.

Looking forward to getting some responses. At almost 10, 000 hits and over 300+ readers, I’m sure we’ll get some answers!


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