Why Are Travelhost Associate Publishers Leaving The Network?

In a memo to the Travelhost network of Assoicate Publishers on 3-7-2011, Travelhost claims that several Associates have abandoned their $60, 000.00 franchises to start their own magazine.

I wonder why?

According to this memo, Travelhost claims:

“…TRAVELHOST has also provided a unique opportunity for talented entrepreneurs to represent this trusted brand by providing them the freedom and flexibility to independently own and operate a distributorship which enables them, among other things, to sell local, regional and national advertising across a variety of media platforms.”

“…Those joining the TRAVELHOST family have benefited from the TRAVELHOST brand and business structure, they have been able to well position themselves as experts and leaders in travel and tourism in their local communities, and they have been empowered to pursue their own individual goals for success.”

Why would these smart entrepreneurs leave a network where they have benefitted so greatly?

Travelhost goes on to say:

“It is our understanding that some attorney provided an opinion that the non-compete provision contained in the TRAVELHOST agreement was “unenforceable” as a “restraint of trade.” Our counsel has advised that the opinion provided was erroneously based upon a line of cases relating to at-will employment agreements; that the case law relied upon has no applicability to the TRAVELHOST agreement; and that Texas statutory and case law clearly and unequivocally supports the enforceability of the TRAVELHOST contractual provision. In other words, our counsel is extremely confident that the TRAVELHOST non-compete will withstand any judicial attack, as it consistently has on every prior occasion the past 40+ years.”

From the last sentence, it appears that Travelhost has been contested on their “non-compete agreement” CONSISTENTLY over the last 40 years?

I wonder why?

Travelhost then concludes the memo stating:

“Rest assured, TRAVELHOST is committed to provide the same level of safeguarding that it has for more than four decades and we are counting on each of you to remain steadfast in achieving your own individual goals for success, which in turn will result in a unified and stronger TRAVELHOST.”

Thank God they’ve been safeguarding the Associate Publishers for four decades, or the Travelhost network would be quite small.

Oh, that’s right, it is quite small.

Even after 40 years of all that good stuff they tout in their memos and on their plethora of websites.

There seems to be only 50 or so markets left…

I wonder why?



In the communication to the network, Travelhost also says:

“As you may or may not be aware, several former APs have joined together to start a competitive publication in direct violation of their respective contractual obligations. TRAVELHOST legal counsel has sent cease and desist letters to all those involved, and we are in the process of prosecuting litigation against each of these former APs, along with all those acting in concert and conspiracy with them. TRAVELHOST is pursuing all available legal remedies against all those involved, including injunctive relief, monetary damages, attorneys’ fees and costs.”


Why spend countless hours, energy, and monetary resources suing hardworking entreprenuers that are trying to make a living for their families?

Considering Travelhost’s 95+% FAILURE RATE:

Why doesn’t Travelhost spend time, energy and money creating a BETTER “business opportunity?”

4 Responses to “Why Are Travelhost Associate Publishers Leaving The Network?”

  1. Janis Says:

    Thanks so much, Brian, for keeping this blog going. I will never recover financially from their “opportunity,” and will do anything I can to help others from falling into the same trap.

    Yes, I’m sure TRAVELHOST is paying big bucks for their legal counsel, as they apparently have been doing for 40 years. To anyone considering this “opportunity”: RUN, don’t walk away.

    If you want to publish a travel magazine, call GETAWAY Media, started by a former TRAVELHOST AP, who has implemented all the components we wanted, but weren’t able to do with TRAVELHOST. Local covers, attractive design, no stupid regional pages with cigar ads, publish when YOU want to, fair printing prices, etc. In other words, you can actually have CONTROL over your product and your business.

    I only wish I had anything left to launch a new magazine with GETAWAY. They are proving that it can be done with the right product, something we never had with TRAVELHOST. You can reach Getaway at publishing@getaway-media (dot) com.

    And if anyone out there wants to partner with me on launching a GETAWAY–anywhere–please contact me through Brian. Looking for someone to put up the money and sell ads, while I market, edit, design and create the product.

    Thanks again, Brian, for keeping this blog going. You are saving many folks from unnecessary pain!

    • bdhickey Says:

      Hi Janis,

      Thanks for writing in…I’m not going away until Travelhost makes good on all the fraud they’ve committed. The fun is only starting…despite what Travelhost might say publicly, MANY people are actually looking forward to having their day in court!

      I’ll be here, following the whole thing, reporting back to the people on this blog.

      It’s my duty, as “THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE!”

  2. another former AP Says:

    Tsk, Tsk, Travelhost! In a letter to your own APs you claim “the TRAVELHOST non-compete will withstand any judicial attack, as it consistently has on every prior occasion the past 40+ years.”

    Jim Buerger, You Lie! (Not that we’re surprised!)

    Hmmmm, I do recall a nearly $600,000 judgment against you, dear Travelhost, where a jury of your peers found that Barton did NOT breach his non-compete contract and also found that you, Travelhost, had committed fraud in inducing him to buy a market.

    Makes you wonder why the non-compete didn’t hold up, doesn’t it?

    • bdhickey Says:

      You’re right, I do recall a guy named Barton who got just north of 588K the night before the case went to trial…from what I hear. I guess Buerger knew he was in a jam he couldnt get out of, without dropping a HALF MILLION BUCKS to get out of it.

      From what I hear on the streets…he’ll be paying again in the near future.

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