Is Travelhost Magazine Forcing It’s Associate Publishers To Commit Fraud?

Is it possible that Travelhost forces its Associate Publishers to commit fraud AND violate FTC franchise laws with every issue published?

That just may be the case…

Knowing full well that Travelhost is usually a bad investment (95+% failure rate and a “business opportunity scam”) for themselves and others, each Associate Publisher is CONTRACTUALLY OBLIGATED devote a FULL-PAGE advertisement on their inside-back-cover touting Travelhost as a great investment.

Aren’t these Associate Publishers being FORCED to violate the law by aiding in FRAUD?


How does a Travelhost Magazine Associate Publisher mitigate his/her losses when involved in the Travelhost Franchise System?

If they continue to publish their local edition of Travelhost knowing it’s a bad investment, they risk committing fraud.


If they leave the Travelhost Magazine Franchise System to publish their own magazine, they risk being sued for violating a non-compete clause in their agreement.


How is an entrepreneur who was lured into a 60 THOUSAND DOLLAR business opportunity with an unreasonably high 95%+ FAILURE RATE mitigate his or her losses?

Are they supposed to just keep committing FRAUD, or get SUED?

Doesn’t seem like they have much of a choice, does it?

Oh, that’s right, Travelhost does offer ONE MORE CHOICE (other than just giving up your investment and walking away):

Travelhost will offer to “aid” you in SELLING (transferring) your business.

That’s right, they’ll help you commit FRAUD again, by having you try to MISLEAD some other unsuspecting entrepreneur in your area to take over your “rights” as a Travelhost Associate Publisher.

Of course, YOU will be the FRONT MAN/WOMAN in their FRAUD…since you are trying to “get-out” from a bad investment by scamming the next guy/gal.

Sounds like a terrible CATCH-22, doesn’t it?

What does an entrepreneur do in this case? Any ideas???

It almost sounds like these Associate Publishers have gotten themselves involved with the MAFIA, and there’s no-way-out!


One Response to “Is Travelhost Magazine Forcing It’s Associate Publishers To Commit Fraud?”

  1. Chris Savoca Says:

    The only Fraud being committed here, is this blog site set up to look like an official Publishing authority. When in fact the person complaining is a disgruntled former publisher who was of legal age and of sound mind when he bought the business.

    This is a legitimate business opportunity for someone who knows how to sell and enjoys working with people. The rebels he mention violated their contracts out of greed thinking they could print it cheaper themselves. When in fact you are being supported by a company that has been publishing and serving communities for over 45 years. It is sad that a few individuals have tried to drag good hard working publishers like myself thru the mud and hinder us from making a living by spreading their lies. I have been publishing Travelhost for 7 years now and followed Travelhost’s example to grow my business and become a leader in the hospitality industry in my state.

    Like any business there are risks. It takes a lot of hard work and good business sense to make it in today’s economic situation. the writer of this blog tried to bribe and threaten the founder of Travelhost to allow him to operate unethically, and Mr. Buerger would not give in to his threats. Most of these posts were written by that one person and in such a way as to make it look like an official investigation. All the rebels who tried to do your own thing, it is you that is committing fraud.

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