Where Is The “Travelhost Love,” And Will The Lies Ever End?

Last week, I received a “comment” on THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE website (www.publishersadvocate.info), and I have to admit that I’m a bit confused:


“You are an idiot. Did you do your due diligence when you bought the market? If not you confirm my point. If you did and still bought the market, stop whining and get over it. I have spoken to my attorney and due to your actions you have caused irreparable harm to my business with your vengeful attacks against the publisher. I hope you can prove your damage because it is going to cost you $$1.5 million for the damage you have cost me.”

I’m confused, because this individual has claimed that THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE has damaged him in some way.  Since THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE is not here to damage anyone, but here to HELP people, I had to look into the matter further.

It turns out that this individual, who identified himself as Chris Savoca, is an Associate Publisher in the Travelhost Magazine network (the guy all the way to the right in this picture).  Lets take a look:


Just in case the link doesn’t work, here it is in PDF format:





TRAVELHOST Love-savoca 2

On this Travelhost Magazine web page, it is said that Mr. Savoca’s magazine was so well received that he is increasing his distribution and getting calls from people wanting to buy advertising!

This is where I’m confused…why does Chris Savoca boast such success on the Travelhost website, and then email me privately to accuse me of damaging is business to the tune of ONE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS?

What’s going on here?

I believe this is yet another example of an unfortunate investor that not only got duped by The Travelhost franchise system, but continues the “dupe” through blind self-denial!

Is Mr. Chris Savoca no longer “feeling the love.”

So here’s a question for Mr. Chris Savoca, associate publisher of Travelhost of Southern Louisiana:

Which one is it, Chris?

Are you doing well with your Travelhost Magazine franchise? (as you state publicly on the Travelhost website)


Are you going BROKE like the rest of us Associate Publishers did? (as you complain about privately in your email to me)

Please explain your position, Chris, if you will?




Chris, read your distributorship agreement with Travelhost Magazine, and show it to your lawyer. It gives you  rights to “wholesale” printing/publishing prices, not double retail.”

In case you missed that posting (November of 2009) during your due diligence, heres a link to it. It’s right here in the blog:


Like you Chris, I did due diligence when I bought into Travelhost (there wasn’t a whole lot available, until now). Part of that due diligence was reading the price term of the contract, and rightfully assuming that Travelhost Magazine would comply with it.

Not to mention that Travelhost told me they weren’t a FRANCHISE, yet the FTC had already told them that they were back in 1989. Travelhost’s lack of following FTC guidelines as a FRANCHISE violates my consumer rights, and yours. Information about that can also be found in this blog here:


So Mr. Savoca, before you sue the pants off of an already BROKE Travelhost victim, why don’t you actually read my blog first?

You’ll get your answers, including some better ways to spend your lawyer dollars…like maybe going after the guy that stole your 60K in the first place?

(HINT: he’s the guy with all of our money, in the big black Cadillac.)


7 Responses to “Where Is The “Travelhost Love,” And Will The Lies Ever End?”

  1. Dave Shockley Says:

    I was just looking at the link to TRAVELHOST Love-and to my surprise, there was my picture with a testimonial. Now isn’t that interesting. My market failed after just 3 issues!

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Brian, more excellent work here. I think Mr. Savoca is ill-prepared to be posting his silliness. He may want to consider good ‘ol Eli Mertens who came and went in record time. You remember that old adage that says: “when you’re in a hole, quit digging”? Well, I think Jim B., the master schemer, should consider how deep his hole is getting.

    Reaping what we sow can sometimes be a b@#*! that’s for sure.

    • bdhickey Says:

      Agreed…every AP who has defended Buerger and his business opportunity scam here on THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE has come and gone quite quickly. Lets see, we have:

      David Portener
      Eli Mertens
      Kathy Durant
      Chris Savoca

      I’m sure there are more, but no point in looking back to find them now…wonder where Mr. Portener is now?

  3. cynthia Says:

    Portener is under his desk playing hide and seek. The guy was/is such a blowhard.

  4. travelhostsouthlouisiana Says:

    Chris Savoca here and still going strong. In fact our new fall issue that just came out had a 33% growth over the last issue and that was with a 80% renewal rate from customers that have been advertising with me now for 2 years. It has been over 3 years since that first issue and 2 more markets later, I am still making money.

    You continue to dig a hole for your self with your slander, now dragging me into this directly. In doing my due diligence, I read the fine print and found out the printing costs. I researched that against printers in our region and found it to be less then most and comparable to some.

    I have been in the hotel industry over 25 years and advertised my tour company in New Orleans with TravelHost back in the 80’s. so I was very familiar with the publication.

    We continue to grow our advertisers because we know how to service the traveling consumers and take care of our clients. You have damaged my ability to sell national or regional ads because of your false acquisitions. I have had major agencies and groups come back to me and quote your false statements regarding Travelhost in their excuse why they were not going to buy advertising at the regional level. One contract cost me $350,000 from a state agency plus the time of two years of research and negotiation to get to that point of buying decision.

    It is sad when losers try to drag down others to justify their short comings and hurt innocent hard working people because of their ignorance.

    I am not in the inter sanctum of Mr. B’s business, but through my own perseverance and professional efforts I work to improve my publication to be the best Travel Publication in Louisiana in-spite of what goes on in Dallas, because this is my business not Mr B’s or anyone else’s. If I succeed or fail it is up to me, it would just be easier if negative blogs like this would stop spreading lies.

    • bdhickey Says:

      Hi Chris, good to see you’re doing well, and glad to have you with us!

      I never said that someone couldn’t be successful with Travelhost, I just let everyone know that 98%+ people who invest FAIL. I also mention that Travelhost is a great investment in advertising for someone in the dining, shopping or entertainment business…its just a TERRIBLE investment for entrepreneurs who want to go into pubishing.

      Since your post is replete with falsities, I ask you this:

      1. Show us the competitive printing quotes. Dozens of people who recently left Travelhost who continue to print are paying HALF of what they used to pay. I have also obtained quotes for about HALF of what I paid at Travelhost…so show us your cards!

      2. Show us how you planned to sell a national ad for 350K without commiting FRAUD. Most of the country is DARK for Travelhost. Where Magazine probably has it coverd though…

      3. Show me what LIES are contained in this blog, along with the corresponding TRUTHS, with substantial EVIDENCE to back up your claim…and I’ll shut the blog down tomorrow.


      Travelhost Magazine and James Buerger couldn’t do it…neither can you.

      Every entreprenuer knows that hard work and perserverence is what’s needed in business. These people had it in spades and failed.

      Tell us why?

      PS> Despite your ignorant comments, I’m not a loser, nor am I ignorant. I know more about the Travelhost Opportunity than perhaps Mr. Jim Buerger himself at this point. Your mothership has a gaping hole it it’s hull, and is sinking faster than the Titanic…only there’s no band playing.

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