Travelhost Magazine and James Buerger Have Some Thinking To Do…

As I said in my earlier post, there’s something brewing in the Dallas, Tx court system…and I believe that this is big.

Bigger than Jim Buerger thinks it is, despite Mr. Price’s best efforts to explain it to him!

Jimbo has some thinking to do.

Some of his “Associate Publishers” have jumped ship, and started a new magazine.

They HAD to.

They had no other choice, because they were going BROKE publishing Travelhost Magazine, and they had to support their families.

It’s that simple.

And now Jim Buerger and Travelhost Magazine are trying to stop them!

Evidently, Mr. James Buerger thinks these people should have STAYED with Travelhost Magazine and went BROKE.

The hell with them and their families…they should have spent their last dime on a FRANCHISE with a 95%+ FAILURE RATE.

Is that insane, or what????

Can you even believe a man like that EXISTS on this planet?

OH, he does…and he’s been doing this to people for over 43 years.

And he’s won a few battles, and lost a few…lets not forget that he paid Mr. Barton over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS when he knew Travelhost would lose their case against him.

($588,000.00, to be exact)

And now he’s faced with a decision like this again….to pay, or not to pay?

That, is the question.

If he doesn’t pay, or otherwise coerce these publishers who were forced astray to survive…they’ll probably run a better magazine than he does.

That’s not good (for Jimbo).

And then ALL of the Travelhost Magazine Associate Publishers will want to leave…no?

I mean, if the non-compete agreement Travelhost forces everyone to sign is no good, then why would ANY of these people stay?  They’re being overcharged by at least 2-3 times, and lets face it…Travelhost is a sinking ship.

So, Jimbo faces losing his business to a model that might actually work.

After 43 years….not a bad run at such a deceptive SCAM.

OR, he can buy some time, by buying these people off…like he did with Mr. Barton.

How much will it cost him?

Who knows…

And, how long will it last?

Who knows…

All I know is that Mr. Buerger has some thinking to do…cause it’s not a good position to be in.

The shit is gonna hit the fan when the judge finds out how big of a SCAM Travelhost Magazine really is!

So, what do you think he’ll do?


PS> I don’t understand whether it’s Travelhost’s position that they DO, or DO NOT provide specific marketing and management help with their Associate Publishers?

When asked if they are a FRANCHISE, they say they DON’T…but when asked to substantiate a NON-COMPETE agreement…they say they DO?

Which one is it????

2 Responses to “Travelhost Magazine and James Buerger Have Some Thinking To Do…”

  1. Betty Says:

    I wonder how many “Associate Publishers” know that they are no longer Travelhost Associate Publishers (see below… this info can be found on the TH home page… click on Learn how to become a Travel Host) According to TH, they are now known as independent business representatives and better yet… they are known as Travel Hosts!!! Is this another scam or simply another slick Burger???

    Our independent business representatives, formally known as Associate Publishers, yet better known as Travel Hosts, are entrepreneurs who are the experts in their local communities on travel and tourism. They LOVE what they do and that is to introduce travelers to those businesses that they would recommend to their family and friends. If you would like to LOVE what you do and learn more about this opportunity then you can watch our video, visit our Love Testimonials, read our Book of Love, or Contact Us.

  2. bdhickey Says:

    A Travel-Host…hmmm…seems like there’s more Travel-GHOSTS than Travel-Hosts!

    I don’t see anything in there about going broke, the 95%+ failure rate, or any disclosure that they’re likely to lose all their money??

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