An Interesting Character Comparison: Two American Icons – Both Named Jimmy.

What single character trait best describes these two American icons: Jimmy Buerger of Travelhost Magazine and Jimmy Swaggart?

American Icon

Jim Buerger, American Icon

Jim Swaggart, American Icon

No it’s not the hair…but you have a point there.

They both like the ladies…yes, but not the point.

They both made a lot of money from “suckers.”

Close, but not the point.

The compelling similarity: They both epitomize hypocrisy to extremes rarely witnessed in the “annals” of American history!

Jimmy Swaggart chased anything wearing a skirt, and shouted from his bully pulpit the evils of adultery for decades.  He was the charismatic maestro of high-energy salvation. In the course of each sermon, the fired-up preacher would: rant, weep, thrust his Bible high in the air and strut the stage this way and that, whipping his followers and himself to a devotional frenzy!

An acute businessman as well as a spellbinding performer, he built an electronic empire with hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide and an income from contributions of $150 million a year.

I think we all know how and why his career ended…

Jimmy Buerger has spent 4 decades telling potential investors that the only obstacle to potential success and riches with Travelhost is their own ineptitude or laziness…all the while he cynically witnessed serial failures of hundreds of “Associate Publishers” over 4 decades because of the vast obstacles he put between the investors and their success.

These obstacles included: gross over-charges to his “Associates,” inferior inflexible magazine quality, and inflexible mandates that insured huge profits (MILLIONS) for Travelhost and James Buerger, while bleeding out hundreds of unsuspecting new investors every year.  Most ending up BROKE.

James Buerger has also been running a FRANCHISE for decades, without following FTC guidelines put in place to PROTECT people from business scams like his.  This has cost unsuspecting investors hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not MILLIONS, because Travelhost MISLEADS these people.

Travelhost convinces potential investors they have an EXCELLENT CHANCE OF SUCCESS, when in fact the FAILURE RATE IS 98%+

Two different Jimmys, same technique, similar downfalls???  It wont be much longer until we find out…the gig is up!


PS> Here’s the link to file a complaint on the FTC website. It costs you nothing, and you can file a report anonymously.  If we get a few more complaints filed, perhaps the FTC will take action:

4 Responses to “An Interesting Character Comparison: Two American Icons – Both Named Jimmy.”

  1. Randy Says:

    I take great issue with this gross misrepresentation and feel it necessary to defend Mr. Swaggart! Jimmy Swaggart did indeed do all of the things you say he did BUT there is a big difference. Unlike Mr. Buerger, Mr. Swaggart has publicly confessed his sins, admitted his wrongdoing and he has asked forgiveness from those he harmed. Furthermore, while it is likely that Mr. Swaggart has used some of the money he collected from his followers for personal use he HAS used millions of those dollars for the overall good of the people. Additionally, Mr Swaggart, to my knowledge has not paid people that found out about him to keep quiet, nor has he paid or other wise inticed his followers to publicly participate in the campaign to make what is wrong look to be right. I know of no instances where Brother Swaggart has actually put his closet advisers and associates in legal danger by making public statements as to legitimize his empire. He has also to my knowledge never found it necessary to have his very own full time lawyer to act as a puppet master to go out and defend his actions. I know of no play book used by Mr. Swaggart to suck the life out of everyone he touches and then make jokes about their stupidity.Mr. Blog! you should really think about it before you put someone with so many good qualities as Mr. Swaggart in the same cess pool that your former publisher resides in. Surly there are plenty of lecherous companies and individuals that history has provided that would be a more apt comparison to Mr. Buerger.

  2. Jay C Says:

    I will be working on my complaint to the FTC! Thanks, Brian, for all you do. I’m still not out of my TH-caused nightmare, and remain a strong believer in karma–with a little help from us “burn victims.” Keep up the good fight! Truth and justice will prevail!

  3. Cesareo Frias Says:

    Hello friends,

    I have $40K in “prepaid Travelhost printing” to sell at a 20% discount to an interested AP.

    Interested parties please contact me at to make arrangements.

    I see nothing in the AP contracts to prevent this transaction, so if you are priniting, here is a chance to save a bit!

    All the best,

    Cesareo Frias

    P.D. Brian, I hope you do not mind me doing a little business in your blog 😉

    • bdhickey Says:

      Hi Cesareo….good to hear from you!

      I don’t blame you for your desire to unload your “print credit” with Travelhost…

      I don’t see why Chris Savocca ( from South Louisianna wouldn’t want to take advantage of that…since he’s so satisfied with the Travelhost prices….20% less would be a steal!

      I won’t even ask for a brokering fee =)


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