Straight From A Travelhost Magazine Associate Publisher…”I’m Done!”

Here’s a comment from a previous post…un-edited:You’ve just described the Travelhost business model to a tee. I’m a current Associate Publisher, or Travel Host, or whatever it is they call us these days who’s about to pull the plug on my lifelong dream of being in business for myself. It’s been a long and rocky road since I signed on with Travelhost and my losses are immeasurable at this point.

The amazing thing is that they know how much I’m struggling with this business yet they have made no attempt to help me in any way whatsoever. They keep telling me it’s my fault and that I just need to stay focused. This “issue” always comes up whenever it’s time to print another magazine edition and they want to make sure I print and pay them. But, once they get their money and ship my “cheap, low-quality, and out-dated merchandise” (i.e. my magazines) I don’t hear from them again for weeks or even months.

Of course, there’s really no one left there to hear from anyway. You’re right about there only being around 20 employees left at Travelhost. Down from over 100 a few years ago when their evil empire was at it’s peak. However most of those 20 employees left work out in the production plant and they only have 3 left in their so-called “marketing department” (which I understand is little more than a tiny closet/storage area adjacent to Buerger’s office which is larger than the entire first floor of my house).

3 people- that’s it. No wonder I never hear from them or that they don’t return calls. And they promised me a world of support and assistance when I was considering Travelhost initially. I did consider several other business opportunities along with Travelhost originally, but I was blind sided by Travelhost’s lies and misrepresentations.

All I can do now is cut my losses, pick up the pieces of my life, and move on. But I do plan on spreading the word. Thank you, Brian, for providing this information in the name of honesty and integrity. If you’re considering purchasing a Travelhost FRANCHISE, please do your research. Don’t be fooled. And don’t let what happened to me and countless others happen to you.

~I’m  Done!”~


PS>There are literally HUNDREDS of stories like this one out there…can all of these “hand-picked by Travelhost Magazine” people be wrong????

PPS> To file a legitimate complaint against Travelhost with the FTC, go here:

9 Responses to “Straight From A Travelhost Magazine Associate Publisher…”I’m Done!””

  1. Betty Says:

    It is truly devastating to hear another story that we have heard so many times in the past. Our advice is for this person to immediately file an FTC complaint which will not cost them any money but in turn somewhere down the road, might bring some relief.

  2. Jay C Says:

    So sorry to hear about your experience. I lost my house and declared bankruptcy. When all is said and done, I figure Buerger has about $150,000 of my money, and another $50,000 from the bankruptcy. Similar pattern: After an issue or two, and you realize the numbers just don’t work, Dallas zeroes in like a kamikaze to “inspire” you to keep going and “hang in there.” When I started a Yahoo group for APs (before social media), everything came to light. We all realized we had all been taken.

    I truly enjoyed publishing the magazine, and loved working with my advertisers. But it is clearly not designed with the AP’s benefit in mind. I’ll bet that most of his money came from market turnover and slithering around franchise law, like the snake that he is.

    So now I am 55, starting over. No 401(k), no car, no house.

    We WILL get the creep.

    Thanks, Brian, for keeping this blog going!

  3. Incredulous Says:

    I heard something recently I found interesting. You may already know this, but are you aware that Travelhost gave away your former market (Westchester) to the guy in Newark, NJ? I mean GAVE AWAY. Totally free. No charge whatsoever. Just to keep him happy and quiet. I was blown away when I heard this. I paid $60k for my ill-fated market (which I ended up losing), and yet they gave away a market to someone for free??? How is that ethical?? How could they have taken $60k from me for the exact same thing they chose to give away to someone else??? Isn’t that the same market you paid good money for and that drained you of significant resources over the years? Don’t get me wrong; I think “free” is just about what these “markets” are worth, but it just seems plain wrong for them to collect $60k per market from others and then turn around and just hand over a market to someone else for free. Just to keep him quiet? I guarantee you if someone else had expressed an interest in it (yeah… right!), they would have sold it for the full $60k without so much as batting an eye. Just another example of how unethical and immoral they are! This is ridiculous!!!

    • bdhickey Says:

      I’m not surprised…they’ll never sell it. All the hotels and advertisers know that Travelhost is a bunch of crooks, and won’t be taking the magazines OR any ads…

      And, he’ll never make money there…when I start up the magazine again in a few months (when my 2 year non-compete is up) he’ll never be able to compete. I’ll be selling ads at half the price of his, and making more money, lol.

      Plus, the Travelhost ship is sinking faster than the titanic without a band…


  4. incredulous Says:

    I know. You’re right. But it still irks me that I and everyone else had to pay 60k for our markets, money I might as well thrown out the window, and today these same exact markets are so tainted (actually, they’ve been tainted for a long time) and unsellable that they’re now just handing them out for free, literally, just to keep magazines printed. It’s like a car dealership that can no longer sell it’s crappy cars so they just start giving them away just to keep their lousy brand on the road. What about all us poor saps who bought one of their useless lemons for 60k just a couple of years earlier?? Only to have them break down beyond repair within a year?? Nice business ethics, Travelhost! Geez!! Talk about a sinking ship. I wonder how many others of the 30 or 40 markets they have left were given away for free just to keep magazines printing and to beef up the total number of franchisees in their grasp. I’ve heard they’ve not been able to sell a market in 2 years. At one time they were selling and reselling 50 to 100 a year. Yet today they have less than 40 left. So sad. I feel sorry for those still struggling to survive under Travelhost’s tyrannical, oppressive rule. I’m surprised they still even have any employees left working there to keep their doors open. The writing’s on the wall, Travelhost. Your demise is close at hand…

    • bdhickey Says:

      Actually, I believe they would give away my territory for one reason…to give me competition. I also believe they’ll print his magazine at a significant discount if he competes in my area…if not give it to him for FREE.

      All to break my chops!

      The same way they just had John Price, their corporate attorney, file a “DMCA” claiming my blog violated copyright law, just to try and shut me down…well, they’re not going to suppress my first amendment right to free speech! So, they’ll either sue me, and we’ll see them in federal court in NY, or they’ll drop it. We’ll see.

      Either way, they’re crooks…no matter how you slice and dice it. I do feel bad for everyone involved, as we all have lost money because of Travelhost. And, they’ll suffer one day, when we get in front of the judge…if they make it that far.


  5. Incredulous Says:

    Oh, they’re suffering now. They can’t sell (or I should say “resell”) a market to save their lives. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve heard they’ve not been able to unload a market (other than the ones they’ve given away) in 2 years. In fact, they’ve laid off their entire sales staff along with 80% of their entire workforce. The few markets they do still have are dropping like flies and it’s just a matter of time before they have to close the doors to that run down warehouse they call a corporate office in Dallas.

    With all the millions of dollars they’ve ripped off… er, I mean “made”… over the years, you’d think they’d be better off than this, but that’s what happens when all the company’s revenues go straight into Jimmy Buerger’s bank account and not put back into the business. He lived fat and large with the money that was coming in never imagining that his empire would someday crumble as it’s crumbling now.

    I feel bad for all those who are going to lose their businesses and livelihoods when Travelhost finally goes under, as well as for those poor individuals struggling to survive, hoping to get out by reselling their market to another sucker only to realize that the market is unsellable and that they will eventually lose their businesses as well.

    We keep saying “Travelhost this” and “Travelhost that”, but it’s not “Travelhost”. There really is no “Travelhost” anymore. It’s Jimmy Buerger. He’s to blame. They have no corporate executives or management left there to make any decisions whatsoever. It’s all Jimmy. Anyone else there is simply a lowly employee doing his or her job. Puppets, if you will. They have no authority and make no decisions. They simply do as they’re told.

    Bottom line: Jimmy Buerger is a lying, cheating, pilfering, womanizing thief! He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He doesn’t care about about all the associate publishers who have come and gone over the years and who lost their homes, their marriages, or their life savings. He doesn’t care about the few still left that are struggling day in and day out just to make ends meet and feed their families while their money flows directly into Buerger’s bank account. He doesn’t care about his employees.

    Frankly, I don’t even think he cares about his own family. After all, the man has been married 3 times! What does that say about his character?? And his only daughter, who was being groomed to take over the company if and when Jimmy ever retires, has completely checked out and hasn’t been seen around Travelhost in almost 2 years.

    I think the only person he cares about other than himself is his on-staff attorney who’s by his side 24/7. But, I guess they do make a cute couple. I really don’t understand why he’s even still doing this and putting up with all this grief. I mean, the guy’s 75 years old! Jimmy, pack it up already! The company’s dead. Take your millions of stolen dollars and ride off into the sunset in your nice, shiny Cadillac. There’s nothing left to be gained at this point by continuing to destroy innocent people’s lives.

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