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Straight From A Travelhost Magazine Associate Publisher…”I’m Done!”

Here’s a comment from a previous post…un-edited:You’ve just described the Travelhost business model to a tee. I’m a current Associate Publisher, or Travel Host, or whatever it is they call us these days who’s about to pull the plug on my lifelong dream of being in business for myself. It’s been a long and rocky road since I signed on with Travelhost and my losses are immeasurable at this point.

The amazing thing is that they know how much I’m struggling with this business yet they have made no attempt to help me in any way whatsoever. They keep telling me it’s my fault and that I just need to stay focused. This “issue” always comes up whenever it’s time to print another magazine edition and they want to make sure I print and pay them. But, once they get their money and ship my “cheap, low-quality, and out-dated merchandise” (i.e. my magazines) I don’t hear from them again for weeks or even months.

Of course, there’s really no one left there to hear from anyway. You’re right about there only being around 20 employees left at Travelhost. Down from over 100 a few years ago when their evil empire was at it’s peak. However most of those 20 employees left work out in the production plant and they only have 3 left in their so-called “marketing department” (which I understand is little more than a tiny closet/storage area adjacent to Buerger’s office which is larger than the entire first floor of my house).

3 people- that’s it. No wonder I never hear from them or that they don’t return calls. And they promised me a world of support and assistance when I was considering Travelhost initially. I did consider several other business opportunities along with Travelhost originally, but I was blind sided by Travelhost’s lies and misrepresentations.

All I can do now is cut my losses, pick up the pieces of my life, and move on. But I do plan on spreading the word. Thank you, Brian, for providing this information in the name of honesty and integrity. If you’re considering purchasing a Travelhost FRANCHISE, please do your research. Don’t be fooled. And don’t let what happened to me and countless others happen to you.

~I’m  Done!”~


PS>There are literally HUNDREDS of stories like this one out there…can all of these “hand-picked by Travelhost Magazine” people be wrong????

PPS> To file a legitimate complaint against Travelhost with the FTC, go here: