ANOTHER Travelhost Magazine Associate Publisher Going Broke…Will They Be The Next To Throw In The Towel?

Dear Publishing Industry Practices Followers:  We are sorry for what may have resulted in a small gap in service here at THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE.  It seems that John Price, Travelhost’s attorney, thought he could suppress this blog (and MY first amendment right to free speech) by filing a bogus DMCA Copyright Infringement claim against THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE.  I filed a rebuttal this morning with WordPress and their claims people, and we are back up and running 100% as of this afternoon.  I guess these people take bogus claims very seriously, and have done the right thing.  I will post more on this in my next post, as Mr. Price has the opportunity to make this a Federal case.  I personally think it would be a good thing, I think most of my followers would agree…as we have MANY people that would like to follow me into a Federal Court to tell their story to a judge.  Now, without further ado…


A message recently went out to the entire network of Travelhost Associate Publishers (or “Travel Hosts” as Jimmy B likes to call them), take a look…unedited, name withheld:

“Hello my Associate Publisher friends,

I’m humbly asking your help this morning. October would be my 2 month publishing anniversary and yet I am pushing my magazine off to December. I am still finding myself hovering at around billing just barely enough to cover printing. With each issue, I’m going further into the hole with the other costs of running a business. I need to get a good $5-7,000 increase in billing for a Dec/Jan/Feb issue or I will no longer be able to continue.

While most of my magazine is local businesses, the larger chains usually use ad agencies and seem to “get” rate card and print costs and don’t normally argue the pricing as much. Does anyone have a chain restaurant with a corporate contact that they might share with me? I’m thinking if I could pick up a couple of these they may go a long way to helping save my magazine.

After spending all (my spouse’s) and my retirement monies and two years of so much hard work, I’m sad to think I may have to discontinue. Any help you can give us is so greatly appreciated!!!!

Thanks so much!”


PSNeed I even comment on this posting?

98% of Travelhost Associate Publishers go broke…period.  Many don’t even realize it’s because they’re being so grossly overcharged.  This person, I believe, was one of the Travelhost advocates, who emailed me a year ago to tell me I was wrong about Travelhost.  I wonder if that person still feels that way now?


Time after time again, smart entrepreneurs blow their entire life savings and or retirement plans on a business model that doesn’t work 98% of the time.

And, they pay $60K for the privilege to do it.  I did it, this person did it, and many others have done it.  You’re not alone.

All the while, Travelhost Magazine and Jim Buerger lead these people to believe it’s their own fault, and has nothing to do with FRAUD.)

We know the truth here at THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE.

PPS…anyone know how many AP’s are actually left?

PPPS…for all those AP’s who are left, and who follow this blog, don’t forget about Cesario from Mexico.  He has print credit with Travelhost for sale at a 20% discount.  Get it while it’s HOT!

2 Responses to “ANOTHER Travelhost Magazine Associate Publisher Going Broke…Will They Be The Next To Throw In The Towel?”

  1. Randy Says:

    Would love to see the responses this unfortunate soul gets from the “network”. That network of TH publishers and distributors is a tremendous value according to the TH folks and is in large part a contributing factor of the success of other AP’s. Yeah, right.
    I wonder if this AP has considered selling those “national” or regional ads for the $75k that TH should have have reminded him about. Gee, after 40+ years and being “America’s #1 Travel Magazine” it should be a slam dunk to get all the revenue you could possibly need. Hey, wait a minute, I’ll bet that some of those in the “network” will see the plea for help and sell some ads into his market so he can share in the commissions , referred to as AD REVENUE SHARING in the optional associate publishers agreement. Oh, that’s right, that doesn’t happen either. Sorry to get your hopes up. Has this AP taken advantage of the revenue generating options available through the TH web site, OH!, that’s not ready yet either?. Dang, after 10 years in the works I thought maybe it was, my bad! Just think, here we have a person that is evidently really trying to make it work. He is using ALL the goodwill that TH offers and all he needs is an additional $5-$7000 increase in revenue per quarter to rescue his investment and stay in business. Hey! that’s just about what it he should be paying for a 10,000 copy press run based on “wholesale” pricing. Oh, that’s right, TH isn’t a printer, they are a publisher which means that they can say it’s wholesale but really charge twice the price for printing as any commercial printer worth their salt.Well it must just be the fault of the poor folks that are about to go belly up. I’m sure that TH has done everything they can do to help them and it just isn’t enough. Very sorry to hear that. Don’t forget, Travelhost is certainly willing to help you transition that business to someone else.All that needs to happen is that they find a sucker, you tell that sucker how great Travelhost was for you(just make up an excuse about why your selling),give Travelhost another $5000 and you’ll be set.
    Or, maybe he should buy the print credits from Cesario.
    In all honesty, I feel very sad for this individual whose life is about to turn to crap becasue TH has screwed him/her to death. Join the crowd friend.
    For the record, I myself have indeed filed a complaint with the FTC and just this week with the Texas Attorney General-Consumer Fraud division. Where it goes, I do not know, but sitting here quietly allows TH to continue what I see as a disgusting pattern of deceit, misrepresentation and fraudulent practices. For the scores of you that have already been through this scenario that the hurting AP is experiencing, I’d suggest you file your report to. Like we say down here, if you’re not part of the solution, than you are part of the problem.

  2. bdhickey Says:

    A-men, Randy…well said.

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