Is Travelhost Magazine Now GIVING Away FREE Markets? If So, Does Anyone Even Want One?

I hear through the grapevine that Travelhost Magazine has given away a market…FREE.

No $60K.  Nada.  Free.  Pro Bono…


I think I know why…but hey, I might be wrong:


That’s right, Westchester New York and The Hudson River Valley….Home of THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE!

I guess Jimbo wants me to have some competition should I decide to go out and start another magazine in February when my 2 year non-compete agreement expires.

I bet you dollars to donuts that Jimbo goes a step further…FREE PRINTING!

He’s done it before…he’ll do it again.

All to piss me off?  LOL, it’s OK by me!  Bring it on!

If I were a current Travelhost Magazine Associate Publisher, I’d be upset about this…really pissed…that’s for sure.


Come on Jimbo…I thought Travelhost Magazine was a branded magazine, and that there was VALUE there.

If there’s value, it sure isn’t good to give it away for FREE!  

Is it?

I suppose that’s the only way to survive with Travelhost Magazine...SPECIAL DEALS.

See, apparently, some people get discounted pricing, while others pay the full boat.

That doesn’t seem all that fair, does it?

Actually, some Associate Publishers survived many years with their deeply discounted pricing…before they finally can’t even make it on that.

Then…POOF. They disappear. Never to be heard of again. (except for me, and a few others…but we’re gathering more support than you can imagine!!!)

Sad it has to be this way…but Travelhost…watch out!


PS> Maybe the person who I referenced in the previous post should call Travelhost Magazine, and ask for the SPECIAL DEEP DISCOUNTED PRICING that some of the other Associate Publishers are getting or have gotten in the past in order to stay afloat?

I bet our notorious friend in Washington Wine Country (Jeff Loudon) isn’t paying the full boat (2.5 times retail) to Travelhost for his printing?  Jeff, we’d love to hear from you out there…maybe it’s a good time to pipe in and guide some of the failing markets on how to survive the Travelhost Business Model????

I personally know of others who have gotten a deal…so if you’re a current Travehost Magazine Associate Publisher, maybe it’s worth giving it a try?

PPS> Maybe since the FTC, Attorney General(s), and other agencies are breathing down his neck, Jimbo and Price are trying to beef up the Travelhost Magazine network with FREE MARKETS in order to appear a success?

I mean, with the number of Associate Publishers dwindling, it might look better to the FTC (and general public) if there were a few more “markets” in existence?

With FREE PRINTING, there’s no WAY they can LOSE, right?

Plus, it would certainly make any attempts by Associate Publishers and Travelhost to sell national or regional ad space less fraudulent, no?

Then, maybe the FTC (et. al) will overlook the 98%+ FAILURE RATE and FRAUD of selling markets and ad space if they puff out their 43 year old “branded” chest a little?  That, coupled with their wonderful website with a fantastic alexa rating, should provide enough added value to pay 2.5 times RETAIL for printing…right?

LOL, I dont think so.

One thing I was wondering though…is how many Travelhost Associate Publishers (present and past) were actually shown files of previous publishers in their assigned territory prior to signing any agreements with Travelhost Magazine?  (not that Travelhost, Jim Buerger, or John Price go out of their way to show these files to you unless you demand them…I mean, how else can the slick sales process go on, if someone wanted proof of success? i think you’d be shown the door at that point…)

I sure wasn’t shown any files, and I’m sure most others weren’t either.

That sounds like FRAUD to me, doesn’t it?

Eh…they probably all got damaged in a flood anyway.  You know the weather in Texas, lol


One Response to “Is Travelhost Magazine Now GIVING Away FREE Markets? If So, Does Anyone Even Want One?”

  1. incredulous Says:

    Actually, they did show me files when I was in Dallas for my “Discovery Day”, as they called it. There were two for my territory in the previous 5 years, I was the third. But they only showed me files for those previous 5 years. When I asked about the entire history of the market, I was told they only keep records for 5 years and destroy everything prior. They said they had no way of knowing if there had been anyone else in the market prior to the previous 5 years. They couldn’t (or wouldn’t) even tell me if there had been anyone else in my market as recently as 6 years prior. How can that be? How could they not keep any records of all their past franchisees in specific markets? Isn’t that relevant information?? I can’t believe how blind and naïve I was then. Exactly the kind of victim they prey upon. Incidentally, I found out later through my own research that there had been 5 people (6 including me) come and go in my market in the last 10 years. Who knows about the 30 years prior to that.

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