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Travelhost Magazine Appoints VP of Marketing…Brenda Freeman Cantrell Returns to Travelhost?

Is this woman insane?

Why would anyone in their right mind sign up for the Vice President of Marketing spot at Travelhost Magazine?

Does she even KNOW what she’s potentially getting herself into?  Is her salary worth a stint in a Federal Prison?

Fraud is ABOUND in the Travelhost Marketing Department!  Just ask David Portener!

Take a look at Dave’s replacement:

Evidently, Buerger must have gotten himself a “fall-woman,” to throw under the bus when the Feds come-a-knockin’ at the door?

How long do you think the new VP of Marketing will last at Travelhost Magazine in Dallas?

In this PR release, Buerger is quoted:  “Many TRAVELHOST Associates will remember Brenda during her tenure from the mid-80s to mid-90s.”


How many Associates do you have left from the mid-80s to mid-90s Jim?

8 maybe?

Not a whole lot, for “Americas Number 1 Travel Magazine.”

Just goes to show what a 95% FAILURE RATE will do to a company over the years.

Sorry, I digress….

Anyway, THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE will be keeping a close eye on the marketing materials coming out of Dallas for the “Travelhost Magazine Opportunity” and “Associate Publisher Development,” as well as the materials used to market “Regional and National Advertising space.”

Seems as if there are many ADVERTISERS that have been defrauded by Travelhost as well, not just associate publishers.  See, in order to sell these regional and national ads, many advertisers have been given some exceedingly exaggerated stats regarding the actual reach of “America’s Number 1 Travel Magazine.”

I’m sure they’ll all be accurate and truthful now, especially with all of the legal action taking place throughout the country…once these entrepreneurs get into the courtroom, you never know what they’ll say or do.

For those not aware, take a look:

See, with all of this stuff going on, and all of the people watching what Travelhost Magazine is up to…Jim Buerger picked an interesting time to add some brass to the Travelhost family.

Maybe Travelhost has decided to change their 43 year old practice of scamming entrepreneurs, advertisers and themselves…and start over?

I’d be surprised, but hey…you never know.


PS> Is there a class-action lawsuit on the horizon for Travelhost Magazine, Mr. James Buerger and it’s general council, Mr. John Price?  Stay tuned to THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE to find out!