Publishing Industry Practices

Do All Travelhost Magazine Associate Publishers Receive The “Glad To Have You With Us” Treatment? OR, Just A Select FEW?

I’ve always had a little bit of doubt as to whether Jeff Loudon shut down his blog that exposed Travelhost Magazine for its frauds because of threats of litigation from Travelhost or because he was compensated by Travelhost for it’s wrongdoing to him.

Go to “Yakima”as a destination in the website and take a look at his magazine:

Take a look at the top right-hand portion of the cover, and look at the dates…It says “October to April” for the next issue.

That’s six months folks!!

I was pretty sure he got that same deal for the last two years too, but it wasn’t ON THE COVER like it is now!

Talk about rubbing it in the faces of the current Associate Publishers?  OR, “Travel Host’s” as Buerger likes to call them.

That tells me that Mr. Jeff Loudon is SAVING himself a TON of money by printing one less issue than everyone else.

Before he went silent with me regarding Travelhost Magazine a couple of years ago, after operating a blog that was similar to mine, Jeff said he would accept either:

1) a sizable chunk of money from Travelhost Magazine for its wrongsdoings, OR

2) a drastically better deal for printing going forward.

My guess is that he got a deal that is a heck of a lot better than the rest of the Associate Publishers at Travelhost Magazine.

You see, I believe Travelhost will in fact be fair to people, like Jeff Loudon that have the nerve to stand up to them.

How many of the rest of the northern, namely “cold winter” markets get to skip a $15,000 useless printing in January?

For that matter, how does a guy painted by Buerger as “being a total failure because of a “highly negative attitude” continue in business for years in a small northern market?

I mean, lets face it, if major metro markets like Chicago can’t seem to make it…how does Yakima (wherever the heck that is) make it?

A special deal.  That’s how.

I think Jeff Loudon, like the other Travelhost “cheerleaders,” (think Portenor, Durant, Eli and Ina) is one of the lucky few selected for extremely preferential treatment by Jim Buerger.

I don’t know how or why the rest of the Associates of Travelhost put up with this.

Anyone have any ideas?


PS> If you’re one of the select few, who get the preferential treatment from Travelhost, and you would like to share how you attained that status…let us all know.  We’d be glad to have you with us…