A Travelhost Magazine Virtual Memorial For Those Markets That “Died” In 2011…Things Are Not Getting Any Better.

Contrary to what the folks at Travelhost might think of me, I don’t like having to post this information year after year.

It really is sad, and it doesn’t have to be.

Before I get into the list of markets that “died” in 2011, I’d like to mention a few things:

1. This memorial list is a “living and breathing” document. This list may not be complete, and may contain inaccurate information. As always, all it takes is one email or phone call to THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE to make a change to this list!

2. I know that calling this list a “living and breathing document” sounds strange, since it’s a “memorial for markets that died,” but this is a list of very SMART and CAPAPBLE entrepreneurs, and these people are not “dead” in any sense of the word. Their markets are dead, most likely because of the Travelhost business model (boasting it’s 95+% FAILURE RATE). Every one of these people who were taken advantage of by Travelhost must now continue to live their lives, and not only find another business or job, but pick up the pieces from their now BROKEN financial life. Not an easy task, my friends…

3. I’ ve been contacted by many Ex and Current AP’s over the last few years. The choice to do something about this scam is, and always has been, the ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER’S. You don’t have to accept this treatment from your “franchisor.” Many have left Travelhost, freeing themselves from the chains that nearly destroyed their businesses. And they’re making money now…go figure!

Rumor has it that even some of Jim Buerger’s favorite Associate Publishers are seeking ways to avoid the print cost ripoff.

Now, I would never suggest a “Travelhost Magazine Revolt,” but if you’re reading this blog…take a look around.  Doing nothing about this helps no one.

Anyway, without further ado, in no particular order, the Travelhost markets that failed in 2011…may they rest in peace:

28 markets lost in 2011:
Brazos Valley TX
Cancun MEX
Central Coast CA
Central Illinois IL
Central NE Louisiana LA
Central Pennsylvania PA
Charleston SC
Cincinnati/Dayton OH
Columbus OH
Detroit MI
Indianapolis IN
Inland Empire CA
Louisville KY
Lower Alabama AL
Maine ME
Mid-Michigan MI
Montana Glacier Country MT
Monterrey MEX
Napa/Sonoma CA
Nature Coast FL
NE Mississippi MS
NE Tennessee & SW VA TN
Oklahoma City OK
Orange County CA
Rio Grande Valley TX
Tampa FL
Tulsa OK
Virginia Beach VA

So, it appears that Travelhost Magazine has lost 110 markets over the last four years…leaving them no more than 50 or so markets nationally.

At this pace they’ll be gone in two years if they can’t sucker some more investors into buying into the FRANCHISE, no?

Welcome to “America’s Number One Travel Magazine!”


PS>Interesting point…Travelhost has been losing markets, but Getaway Magazine has been gaining markets…take a look!


PPS> Up next…Travelhost Magazine authorizes a transfer to a NON-PROFIT company???



11 Responses to “A Travelhost Magazine Virtual Memorial For Those Markets That “Died” In 2011…Things Are Not Getting Any Better.”

  1. Mike Guess Says:

    We shut down the Portland, Oregon edition of TravelHost Magazine on December 31, 2011. We worked at this business for 5.5 years, but were never able to get revenues high enough to make a viable living.

    Mike Guess

    • bdhickey Says:

      I’m sorry to hear that, Mike…I’ll add you to the list. I hope that you’ve found something profitable to do. If you’d like to tell us about your experience with TH, I’m sure some could benefit…up to you.



  2. Jeff L Says:

    Prior to getting on board with TravelHost I asked for the name of the former Associate Publisher for the market I was entering. They told me they didn’t have it. During my trip to Dallas for my training I asked for and received past issues of TravelHost for that area.
    Wouldn’t you know the publisher’s page had the name of the former A/P. It was after a call to her that I knew I had been scammed, and I stopped wasting anymore money or time in that waste of a business. Location Central NY

    • bdhickey Says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for writing in. How long did you last? If you’d like to tell us about your experience with TH, I’m sure some could benefit…it’s up to you. I hope that you’ve found something profitable to do now…



    • rsp4717 Says:

      Hi Mr. Hickey:
      The same thing happened to me. I went through my notes on my original Discovery Day and have written down that I specifically asked Kirk for the copies of the prior magazine as well as her name. In addition I asked for the failure rate of the magazine. His answer was, and I quote, “We don’t keep that information here.” Really? Of course you do. Not only do you have a million copies of old magazines but, clearly, you know the failure rate. If a magazine stops printing, it failed. You, the printer, would, most definitely, know that information. I’m so sad for all of us going through this. And to think I was one of the big Pro-TH APs for so long………………….

      I hope you have moved on and are doing well now.

      • bdhickey Says:


        Travelhost knows the failure rate all too well…almost 100%. Down to less than 50 markets I hear…how much time do they have left? It’s a shame, really.

        I’ve moved on quite well, but will continue to warn people about what Travehost is doing.



  3. Randy Says:

    So sorry to hear about Mike in Portland. Mike, you were always a breath of fresh air. I commend you for your consistent positive attitude and for your commitment to build a profitable publication in such a beautiful part of the country. I accept that there are some former TH associate publishers that failed due to their own devices. I know sir, that you most defiantly do NOT fall into that category. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
    i do wonder, if your print costs were half or even 60% of what TH billed to print your magazine, would it have made a difference in your decision to press on?

  4. Another AP on the sinking ship Says:

    It looks like Travelhost continues to bleed markets in 2012. Several more don’t appear to be printing new magazines since you posted this list. It appears two of their “new” markets from last year have already ceased publishing – Albuquerque and Rhode Island. I think they printed two, maybe three issues, and now they’re done. Sad. In addition, I haven’t seen new issues for Space Coast, FL, Fredericksburg, VA, Texas Hill Country and NW Pennsylvania/NE Ohio. So by my best guess, it looks like the “Travelhost Love” only exists in 45 markets now. I bet they’ll lose a dozen more by the end of 2012. Instead of wasting dwindling resources on stupid legal cases, Buerger should be concentrating on fixing his broken business. This really sucks for those of us still trying to work/survive under the TravelHost thumb. I wish I had never been associated with the name Travelhost. Keep up the good work and keep the information coming so other trusting fools don’t make the same awful mistake I did.

  5. Another AP on the sinking ship Says:

    Just a quick update. It looks like two more markets have freed themselves from Travelhost. I haven’t see new issues for Green Bay, Wisconsin or Little Rock, Arkansas. Now it looks like the home office split the Dallas and Fort Worth markets apart so now they have two Travelhost-owned markets. I think that leaves 43 associate publishers still publishing. The question is for how long?

    The few APs I know are not happy at all. All the promises about the website have never happened and that’s after years and years of promises. I have advertisers who hate the website and there’s nothing I can do, and like others have written the mobile application is useless.

    Just trying to hang on until a better opportunity comes along.

  6. Mike McMichen Says:

    I actually had to put my travelhost market in Texas aside due to some personal issues including the illness and passing of my mother. When I tried to restart, it was just too difficult for me to do. Yes, the price paid was for some things like publishing which went online and took much more skill than I was able to learn. They were somewhat patient with my situation. However, the problem was partly mine. I have moved on to something I was doing before I got into travelhost. The 15 year old company I am with now has made more millionaires than TH ever has or will. I invite any current or former AP or employee to give me a call if you want to move on. But don’t call to bitch about TH. It is time for “Life, Liberty and the Happiness of Pursuit! Go for your dreams!

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