The Travelhost Magazine FRANCHISE Business Opportunity Proves “Unprofitable” For Even The NON-PROFIT Sector?

Is that even possible?

Apparently so!

From an article  published online last week, it seems as if Travelhost Magazine allowed an Associate Publisher in California with a FAILING market, to transfer (sell) the rights to their FAILING “business opportunity” to an unsuspecting NON-PROFIT agency!

According to this article, Travelhost Magazine, AND the failing Associate Publisher, allowed this transfer/sale to take place knowing that the failure rate in this business opportunity is nearly 100%?

Take a look:

Apparently, the Central Coast California edition of Travelhost Magazine was transferred to an agency called “Options” that  is “dedicated to helping people with disabilities achieve their goals, dreams and rightful place as full citizens of their communities.”



Yeah…Take a look:

So, if Ferris Ferdon (and all others before him) couldn’t make it…why do they think people with: head injuries, developmental disabilities, hearing loss, autism, and other neurological impairments would be able to be successful at such an enterprise?

Surely the “Number 1 Travel Publication in America” should have stopped this type of a transfer, no?

I find it incredibly disturbing that even a guy like Jim Buerger (who’s been robbing entrepreneurs blind for nearly 45 years) would allow a such a transfer of a Travelhost Magazine FRANCHISE to take place like this.

According to the Options website, this is a place that provides “residential living services, rehabilitation therapy, and vocational training services to individuals with head injuries, developmental disabilities, hearing loss, autism, and other neurological impairments.”


The article goes on to say:  

“That means the Central Coast edition of the magazine — which as of 2009 was placed in more than 5,500 rooms in 80 local hotels and was supported by more than 150 advertisers — is now defunct.

The magazine, which is featured in cities across the country, started its local franchise in 2003. The rising cost of print had pushed previous publisher Ferris Ferdon to shut down operations in mid-2009.”

So Ferris Ferdon couldn’t make this “business opportunity” work because of the outrageous printing prices….so he figured, lets throw this albatross around a non-profit’s neck??

And Travelhost Magazine rubber stamps the deal just to keep another market alive?

Further on in the article:

“Options Chief Executive Mike Mamot took over the venture in 2010 with hopes it would generate revenue and provide job opportunities for the people with disabilities the organization serves.”

Provide jobs, sure!

At what cost?

And, to whom?

“However, it proved unprofitable, said Options Marketing Director Jacqueline Delaney. After less than a year of ownership, Options could not find a buyer and decided to let the project go.”

Hmmm, interesting, that’s about when most entrepreneurs throw in the towel.  It seems like this “Business Opportunity” they call Travelhost Magazine works out the same for just about everyone.


Even for non-profits, such as Options, who are trying to provide jobs to disadvantaged people.

Way to go Travelhost Magazine and Jim Buerger!


PS> Don’t be surprised to see a story like this on 60 Minutes one day.  Despite Travelhost Magazine’s ability to get away with this type of stuff for almost 45 years, it’s only a matter of time until this company is brought to justice.

Stories like this become “VIRAL,” and are one day sure to make millions of readers/viewers…”SICK.”

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One Response to “The Travelhost Magazine FRANCHISE Business Opportunity Proves “Unprofitable” For Even The NON-PROFIT Sector?”

  1. A former AP, finally free! Says:

    Absolutely unbelievable! What kind of person or organization knowingly puts a non-profit agency into this atrocity of a business model. People, if this doesn’t open your eyes to the character of the Travelhost organization I don’t know what will. If you are not completely disgusted with this story, you have no heart. Apparently, our worst fears are realized… Jim Buerger has proven he is nothing more than a pariah on the unsuspecting and all too trusting general public. Travelhost is a predatory business looking for its next victim.

    Jim Buerger has been the mastermind of the money-sucking machine called Travelhost. There are good, decent people who are affiliated with the Travelhost name, but none of them are in Dallas, Texas. I don’t understand how anyone could work for this organization. It must be pure poison in that office.

    That’s a great way to describe Travelhost: POISON. Sure, there are a few folks who have built up an immunity over the years and overcome the uphill battle to attain their own success. Most just fail, and fail miserably with lost homes, lost retirements, lost spouses and more.

    I find it curious that Travelhost takes all the credit for the successes, but sure distances themselves from the many failures in their business. They claim to have no knowledge of how many failed markets there have been. Really, that many!

    And I understand Buerger’s daughter, Sherry, who is/was the heir apparent has not been seen or heard from in a couple of years. Word on the street has it that she recognized the problems and wanted to address the issues to improve the business. I guess Daddy Dearest just couldn’t fathom that anyone could have a good idea but him. It’s too bad that Daddy Dearest’s ego will drive the Travelhost business into the ground.

    Sherry, thanks for trying to help us! It’s a shame your legacy has come to this.

    Let’s see: I believe there are nearly 110 failed markets over the last four years. That’s about 25 annually shutting their doors. Travelhost currently has about 50 markets. Looks like two more years and Travelhost goes bye-bye! I’ve already heard through the grapevine that there are at least five markets who are planning their exit right now. I guess 2012 is not off to a good start either.

    The existing APs could just all collectively turn in their terminations together. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch! I envision Buerger in the part of the Wicked Witch of the West… “I’m melting. I’m melting!”

    Bye, bye, Buerger! You’ll leave this earth one day and there will be hundreds of folks dancing on your grave. I hope there’s a special place waiting for you when that day comes. God knows you deserve it.

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