Some Recent Travelhost Magazine Accomplishments That Have Been Noticed by The Publisher’s Advocate…

Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been a while, and I wanted to post today to let everyone know that we’re still keeping our collective fingers on the pulse of Travelhost Magazine.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that NOT MUCH is going on at all.

In fact, after perusing the cumbersome Travelhost Magazine website, it seems that Travelhost themselves have given up on trying to make it look like they’re “America’s Number One Travel Magazine” all together!

I guess they’re not number one in America anymore, because it just says “The #1 Travel Magazine.”  Yet, when you Google “Travel Magazine,” they don’t even come up in the search.  

Wierd, isn’t it?

So what does #1 mean? Is it like ordering off of a takeout menu? 

“I’ll have the #1 please?”

Sounds like crap if you ask me.

Maneuvering the Travelhost website is still a nightmare.  The user interface hasn’t changed since day one of the beta site 5 years ago.  I couldn’t find any useable information about any major city in the country without clicking at least a dozen times, and the end result is a digital version of the magazine.  Nothing interactive, nothing that jumps out and says “use me to find what you’re looking for!”

Page counts are down across the board for the most part, “Super Eli Mertens” being down to a meager 48 pages.  I wonder if Eli is still getting $1500 per page like he says he was just a couple short years ago?

We would love to hear from you, if you’re out there Eli!

David Portener from Palm Springs California is also down to 48 pages…talk to me, Dave.  What’s good in Palm Springs?  

We would love to hear your perspective on the progress of Travelhost since your sudden departure from CMO a few years ago.

And, why is it that Travelhost can’t be found in any of the major cities across the country? Type in just about any popular destination you can think of…and…well, nothing comes up!

Actually, something does come up.  Its an advertisement to join the Travelhost Franchise:

A 40 page digital publication which cover touts “Imagine the possibilities….Freedom, Lifestyle, Independence.” 

A nice message from Jim Buerger, and pages and pages of testimonials from happy entrepreneurs who have made a success out of Travelhost?

They all say “I LOVE WHAT I DO!

I wonder if “loving what you do” means misleading potential investors into thinking that Travelhost has a successful business model they should pay northwards of $60K to get into?

I wonder if “loving what you do” includes perhaps being someday LIABLE for aiding Jim Buerger and Travelhost Magazine in scamming entrepreneurs all over America?

I don’t see anything in there about the 95% FAILURE RATE for Travelhost Associate Publishers?

I don’t see anything in there from anyone about Travelhost being a FRANCHISE that doesn’t disclose any investor information?

And, I don’t see anything in this advertisement about PROOF of success in ANY market?

It seems to me, THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE, that absolutely NOTHING has changed at Travelhost Magazine at all.

More lies, more deception, and more luring of innocent entrepreneurs led to believe that Travelhost has a 45 year successful track record.



It just doesn’t add up.



PS…THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE again would like to invite Travelhost Magazine to the discussion to clarify some of these issues.

Maybe we’ve made a mistake, and would like to clear things up.

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