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Happy Holidays From The Publisher’s Advocate…It’s Almost Time For The Annual ” Travelhost Magazine Markets That Failed This Year Memorial” Posting and We Need Your Help!

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone has had a happy, healthy, and productive 2012!

As the year winds down, and the weather cools off here in New York, it’s time to start gathering statistics for the annual memorial to those Travelhost Magazine markets that died in 2012..

I suspect there are a few new ones, a few that passed away, and some that have held on yet another year.

IF anyone out there should have any information that might he helpful in assembling this post, please forward it over.

I have accumulated some interesting news over the past few months, and will share some things with you shortly.  Until then, have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season!!


PS> I would like to again remind everyone that the annual memorial post is not published with the intention of hurting anyone.  My hope is that it will serve as a reminder to all past and present Associate Publishers of Travelhost Magazine, as well as James Buerger, John Price, and the rest of the folks at Travelhost Magazine that the business plan does not work and you know it.  Furthermore, the post should serve as informational due diligence for prospective publishers looking to buy into the Travelhost Franchise System.

Please also be reminded that a “failed market” is not just a puff of smoke in some small town USA point of interest, it’s a failed BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.  A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY that some entrepreneur paid TRAVELHOST MAGAZINE more than $60K to get into, spent many hours working, only to be suffocated by the very franchised business model they bought into.  This is the death of a business, many times the death of relationships, the start of bankruptcies, divorces, loss of homes, and perhaps most importantly the loss of confidence in believing that you can actually run a business.

When a Travelhost Magazine market fails, everyone in the system experiences failure.  Current Associate Publishers feel it, employees of Travelhost feel it…no one wins.  Not even Jim Buerger!

Families are left to pick up the pieces.

Very sad.  I just don’t get it.

That’s why I post this year after year, and will continue to do so until the situation is fixed.

Happy Holidays~