Will The New Owner Of Travelhost Magazine Finally Put An End To Almost 5 Decades Of The Ripoff?

Hello Everyone,

The Publishers Advocate here…hope this posting finds everyone well!  

As many of you are probably aware by now, Jim Buerger has “sold” Travelhost after almost 5 decades of ripping off entrepreneurs:


If you click the link and scroll down, you’ll find the announcement.

So the question of the decade is…will Mr. Schroeder finally put an end to almost 5 decades of ripping off entrepreneurs?

A quick google search of “Travelhost Magazine” reveals that someone at Travehost Headquarters has finally decided that all the covering up of search results was not needed anymore.  

Does this mean they’re finally going to deal with the truth and start fixing the problem?

I suppose only time will tell.  

Personally, I am hoping for the best.  I believe the new guy can take Travelhost to entirely new level than Jim Buerger could ever dream of…for obvious reasons.

All it will take is, well, everything discussed within the pages of this blog…and then some?

I’d like to wish Mr. Shroeder the best, and welcome any comments from him and his staff as to how they’re going to fix the Travelhost ripoff after all these years.

Many of our readers would love to know.



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3 Responses to “Will The New Owner Of Travelhost Magazine Finally Put An End To Almost 5 Decades Of The Ripoff?”

  1. Disen Franchised Says:

    Here is an update. After many of the old guard retiring and leaving a new team is in place at Travelhost HQ. One with far less experience than their predecessors. Still beating the same drum, however. They have also shut down their in-house press so they now outsource printing. They are a glorified printing agent now. Website still a horror show. iPhone and iPad apps are an inoperable embarrassment. Can’t sell either apps to potential advertisers. They are down to roughly 30 markets. Not top tourists markets, mind you (only in two of top ten). At least two existing markets are against the ropes. I have to hand it to Jim Buerger. Smart guy. Knows when to take the money and run.

  2. bdhickey Says:

    Hello Disen Franchised, glad to have you with us!

    Thanks for posting…I believe this information is important enough for it’s own post, so I’ll be referring to it in the next one if you don’t mind.

    Wow, what can I say…I’d like to say the state of TH is unbelievable, but it’s not.

    + or – 30 markets? Subbing out the printing? Limited market penetration? No working iPhone or Android apps or reasonably navigable website? What value remains for associates or advertisers?

    Is there anything else you can share with us?


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