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Travelhost Magazine Is No Longer “Americas #1 Travel Magazine” According To Their Website and Latest Reports…

January 15, 2014

Hello Everyone, and welcome to THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE.

 A recent comment posted on THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE prompted me to update my knowledge of what Travelhost Magazine has been up to recently.  According to the comment, Travelhost is down to roughly 30 markets, no longer prints magazines, and has been unable to sustain itself as “Americas #1 Magazine” as they have been known to boast over the four decades they have been in operation.

 Take a look:

“Here is an update. After many of the old guard retiring and leaving a new team is in place at Travelhost HQ. One with far less experience than their predecessors. Still beating the same drum, however. They have also shut down their in-house press so they now outsource printing. They are a glorified printing agent now. Website still a horror show. iPhone and iPad apps are an inoperable embarrassment. Can’t sell either apps to potential advertisers. They are down to roughly 30 markets. Not top tourists markets, mind you (only in two of top ten). At least two existing markets are against the ropes. I have to hand it to Jim Buerger. Smart guy. Knows when to take the money and run.”

“Disen Franchised”

 THE PUBLISHERS ADVOCATE does not know the identity of the poster, nor the validity of the comments, so I was hoping that someone from Travelhost Magazine headquarters could comment as to whats going on.  Anyone willing to do that?

Also, according to the Travelhost Magazine website, they no longer label themselves “Americas #1 Travel Magazine,” instead calling themselves “The Premier Destination Resource.”  Wonder what that means?

Take a look:

Here are some questions that come to mind, that I’m sure our readers would be interested in:

1. Mr. Schroeder, is everything OK with Travelhost?  And, what opportunities do you believe Travelhost and it’s Associate Publishers have moving forward considering the state of affairs this poster suggests?

2. Have you decided to change the business model yet, and stop ripping people off, before Travelhost Magazine disappears completely off the map?

3. Is Travelhost Magazine still charging the same rates for “publishing” (production and printing) as before, now that you’re purportedly subcontracting out the printing portion?

4. Does Travelhost Magazine have plans to include iPhone and Android applications with their business model that work?  An operable, up to date website?

5. Does Travelhost Magazine have plans to increase its penetration in major markets, and aim for the once touted “Americas #1 Travel Magazine” again?

6. What value is left at this point, for both the Associate Publisher or the Advertiser when it comes to Travelhost Magazine? 

I could go on and on with this line of questioning, but I think the direction is clear:  Travelhost Magazine is starting to reap that of which it has sowed for the past 4 decades.

What is Travelhost Magazine going to do survive, now that ripping off unsuspecting entrepreneurs doesn’t seem to work anymore?



 PS…I don’t believe it’s too late to change. 

I (and many others) have said it before, and I’ll say it again…Travelhost Magazine can have tremendous value, if the owner was open minded enough to consider changing the business model from capitalizing on it’s associates, to one that capitalizes on growth and market penetration.  With that comes profitable associates and advertising dollars for everyone including the owner…a win-win-win.